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File: 20181206_104936.jpg (2.65 MB, 4032x1960)
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Hey guys. Trying to figure out why this black paint is like, milky in some spots. This is a metal front door. Was white, was painted black. Don't know anything other than that. I'm thinking it was primed then the black put on too quickly? Pic related.
File: 20181206_105704.jpg (2.52 MB, 4032x1960)
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Better pic
Either painted when it was too cold and it's not cured properly or got wet.
Can I get away with putting a primer coat over this and repainting it black? No money left on this shit show of a job.
I would have thought so. Just rub it back flat and give it a nice key and you should be good to paint over.

Probably best to do it the topcoat when the weather is a bit warmer, primer can dry a bit faster but with the short days and colder weather it's more likely to get messed up as it gets cold. Unless you get a nice warmish sunny day and do it early as possible so you have the warmth during the day and it's had a good few hours of warmth to cure before the evening.

The paint should tell you the curing time and recommended temperature to use it in.
That's a pro secret, it's called 'a shot of white'. It's used so that cumstains don't stand out too much.
Could be sun baked damage.
looks like somebody tried to scrub it with a aggressive sponge, they started in the big open easy spots and realized it was a bad idea.

yep prime it paint and move on. oil based primer if its oil or you dont know what kind of paint it is. latex if its latex.
File: 1533021592201.gif (469 KB, 300x230)
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>all that stuff out front is mostly gutter oil from China

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