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I'm fairly new to reading Graphic Novels and I gotta say I'm hooked. As of right now my favorite so far is Blankets. Really could connect to the the themes in this one and the art was amazing. What are some of you anon's favorites?
Off the top of my head:

3 Story
American Born Chinese
Andre the Giant: Life and Legend
Ant Colony
Are You My Mother?
Arsene Schrauwen
Bottomless Belly Button
Boxers and Saints
Building Stories (some will disagree as to whether or not this counts as a graphic novel)
Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?
City of Glass
Congress of the Animals / Fran
A Contract with God
Duncan the Wonder Dog
The Encyclopedia of Early Earth
Essex County
Fun Home
How to Be Happy
The Initiates
Jerusalem Chronicles
Mother Come Home
New School
Paying For It
Through the Woods
Why I Hate Saturn
Wimbledon Green
Wow, quite an extensive list. You have an all time favorite out of the list?
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My collection of non-cape comics is smaller than I'd like but some graphic novels I liked a lot are:
American Splandor
Resident Alien
I'm not sure if pulp characters are too close to capeshit but I really like The Shadow. All his Dark Horse stuff is amazing.
The Spirit: The New Adventure and Green Hornet Year One are solid as well.
This is a pretty safe list, and I'd second it. I was particularly fond of

>American Born Chinese
>Boxers and Saints

I like stories where the protagonist doesn't necessarily mesh with the world they're a part of and these novels do them pretty well.
forgot to also add Anya's Ghost to it. Scott Pilgrim too.
>American Splandor
Excellent taste, but not really graphic novels.
Is the difference when they are published in completion and not as monthlies?
Asterios Polyp
Blankets is cool
That's the primary distinction, yes.

They're also much more like manga in the way they handle runs, in that there's usually only going to be one run, and if there are additional runs they either come afterward or are nonessential sidestories
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Shucks. I think the only true graphic novel I own then is pic related.
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Childhood is thinking that graphic novels are comics which come out all at once instead of serialized in installments on a schedule.

Adulthood is realizing that graphic novels are just comics which are first published bound with glue instead of bound with staples.
I feel like a common colloquialism is just that if it's not capeshit you can call it a graphic novel.
That's extremely yikes.
Yeah. It's kind of reductionist.
A lot of the difference comes from the culture surrounding them and the intended audiance. Comics are made for nerds and collectors. Graphic novels meanwhile are made for the literary crowd.

It's sort of like the reverse of a light novel, if that makes any sense
The correct thing is realizing it's a fucking marketing term and they're all comics.
This this this. Only sheeple use the term "graphic novel" because they're afraid of just saying "comics". Same thing for "singles", "floppies" and "trade paperbacks". Anytime you hear those words, you know that you're speaking with a coward and a buffoon.
Or they're an american. "Comics" is a loaded word in the US of A. It instantly brings to mind the types of anthropomorphized fungus that goes on forums and complains about a writer forgetting superman's favorite flavor of gatorade, because that's who the big two have traditionally pandered to.

The term "graphic novel" is a means of escaping that stigma and reaching a wider audience
thanks for the lists, putting holds on them at the library
Manu Larcenet's Blast is always a good read.
If you haven't read Pluto, do it now because it's one of the best.
If you want someone to read a comic book, link them to a copy.
I'll check some of these up, thanks.
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OP here and I'll for sure check all of these out. Also, I think that graphic novels are just comics in long form. I like them more so then regular comics because I can binge them to completion. I hate reading something that isn't completed because I feel it loses it's luster having to wait for a new installment to come out.
Grahic Novel are regular comics. The majority of comics are one volume (often a colection from anthologies) and that´s it.

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