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DC and Marvel's general policy of avoiding marriage with their characters is really annoying. But if you think about it, it makes sense based on how they like to run their universe. Nobody ever really gets old or retires; Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Thor, etc.. will never go away. Therefore, an increasingly desperate crop of writers looking for new things to do with them, since they can't just get rid of them, frequently settles on the easy storytelling crutch of romance. But you can't have romance stories with characters that are married, not without just saying "fuck it" and having a cheating/adultery story.

Therefore, there can be no marriages and no one true pairings as long as these same characters are going to be around forever. Because if you do that, then you've removed a really cheap, easy, reliable way of generating drama and intrigue in a story. A character getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend and having to make a relationship work will always be something exciting, at least for a while. And if you keep them all single, you can do it as many times as you want.

Yes, this basically means that comics are essentially soap operas.
Ok motherfucker, tell me something:
This is a muscle girl stealth thread?
Except people get married in soap operas since the actors and therefore characters age. Time progresses.

The reason heroes don't get married is because no one wants the challenge of writing a hero with a somewhat happy life.
Status Quo is god amongst comics. Lois Lane will always need saving. The Joker will always get away. The chart says the bachelor life appeals to the widest audience demographic, so most supers live a bachelor's life.
Hence why Bob Parr retires to live a normal married life. Parody.
>Yes, this basically means that comics are essentially soap operas.

holy shit what
Not going to lie, I think She-Hulk would have been drooling over Spider-Man's ass.

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