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File: 19050lfJMfk.png (235 KB, 698x665)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>3317524

General Rundown (read this first): https://nineball.party/files/leehoon.txt

Link where you can find all the raws: https://www.lezhin.com/ko/comic/suicideboy

Parkgee's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Parkgee/memberships

Parkgee's Twitter (includes links to his Twitch streams): https://www.twitter.com/ch960116

You can find all of the currently translated chapters here (Thanks LBS!): https://mangadex.org/title/27455/suicide-boy/chapters/

>Early Drafts
Part1: https://imgur.com/a/jEYsaiQ
Part2: https://imgur.com/a/RfAvEMc
Part3: https://imgur.com/a/QuWQkpy

>Other stuff
Lee Hoon compilation with over 170 images + lewds (outdated):
Anon's torrent of all free raws available on the official site: https://nyaa.si/view/1045087
Small Hooni x Anon greentext: https://nineball.party/files/leehoongreentext.txt
>Who is Hooni?
A 17 year old boy who wants to commit suicide due to a debt he can't pay
and being bullied every day at school. He’s also small and cute and
has a nice smile. He appeals to several niches by having nice feet,
thighs and stomach.

>How much is there?
Currently, Suicide Boy is on hiatus, with the first volume containing 54
chapters and a QnA and a second volume planned in the future. You can
find them on Lezhin in Korean, but you will need an account to read past
chapter one.

>Who is the author?
Parkgee is the author of Suicide Boy. He self-proclaimedly writes lots
of shotas and otokonokos (essentially crossdressers). He’s a quick
updater, very dedicated and very friendly. He’s even visited the
thread on some occasions, the first being when he discussed a possible
English localization and the second to thank us for our love for his
work. He retweets fanart and can speak English well enough if you want
to get in contact. He’s also just as cute as his characters in real

>How about a translation?
Our wonderful translation group Lonely Boy Scans (dks, ChristianSoccerMom (CSM), Diabetic Pancake, akifunk & Bani) is currently translating Suicide Boy. You
can find all of translated chapters so far on mangadex and 3 early
drafts linked in the thread.
File: 277.jpg (53 KB, 550x389)
53 KB
first for the most important message of the day
First for the real most important message of the day. Hooni needs to be castrated and put on low dose female hormones until his penis stops functioning and he has to admit that he can only achieve sexual satisfaction from a bigger man pounding his backdoor and filling it with seed multiple times a day.
nice try trannie but i like backdooring my men with functioning semen spewing penises
I'm not a tranny, I'm a guy that wants to get as much mileage out of a cute boy as I can before I have to kick him out and find a new one.
>mandatory HRT
this kills the mileage
extremely low dose, not enough to grow boobs, just enough to help with smooth soft skin
File: QwT7Mu2.jpg (607 KB, 1010x1425)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
you can get smooth soft skin without becoming a gross girl (dickless)
Hooni can't afford to do any of that. If I'm taking care of him, I'm going to do it in a humiliating way. Maybe if he were a good boy from day 1 that understood his place as my bottom, I'd spend the effort to do it the right way. But do you see Hooni doing that?
File: vbv.jpg (110 KB, 620x969)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>can't afford that
>it's all cardio
running is free
so is swimming
hes a goodboy and deserves no torture / HRT
I'm talking about eating healthily. There's a reason he's a little chubby. He eats shit.
File: 1546479269497.png (441 KB, 813x1331)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
as far as we see he hardly eats at all
500mg semen diet coming up
At least mix it with onions milk and easy him in to enjoying the taste if you're trying to nurture him.
File: bbbv.png (209 KB, 607x470)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>onions, milk, semen
Haha oh god that made me laugh when I read it. I went full retard because I was reading something on my other monitor while typing that and I accidentally substituted words from what I was reading.

I meant mix it with onions milk

Oh, I guess that word is auto filtered here. Guess I didn't mistype it the first time. That's what I get for never using that word.
...what word
a certain dairy free alternative to what you put on cereal which is a bean grown in conjunction with corn in crop rotations.
>onions becomes onions
that's just disgusting enough that I love it
Onions and milk sounds fucking disgusting. Why not mix it with something sweet like using it as a glaze for icecream to substitute the bitter taste? Also you better be eating a lot of fruit. Noone likes semen from prolific meat eaters
i love that this thread is a health thread now
Look up the spartacus workout to make yourself a perfect top
Can anyone tell me if these images were made by Parkgee or if they're fanart?
(There are a lot of other images with a similar artstyle if you're interested. Just use the "yaoi" tag.)
>Can anyone tell me if these images were made by Parkgee or if they're fanart?
>(There are a lot of other images with a similar artstyle if you're interested. Just use the "yaoi" tag.)
1st post is by park gee
2nd and 3rd are by doppel ( @bonnypir3 )
imagine how smelly his penis must be. there hasn't been a bath episode or laundry day.
>latest english chapter
>strip rock paper scissors
100% fanservice god bless parkgee. IMAGINE THAT SIZE DIFFERENCE. Why is hooni so small and every other guy is a 7' tall linebacker?
Do you have a dick for ants?
>why is hooni so small
no T all estrogen
Is it so wrong to want to amputate Hooni's arms and legs and genitals and have all his teeth pulled and have him as a completely bedridden cum dumpster that relies on you just to stay alive, and then in a few years when he loses his looks to dump him in front of a hospital and find a new cute boy? Is that too much to ask?
File: 1520834203931 copy.jpg (225 KB, 439x598)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
tfw no one has drawn art of:
>bullies holding a writhing hooni's arms up and mercilessly tickling his armpits
>hooni being strung up by a dominatrix and pinched on his vulnerable sides
>someone blowing a raspberry on hooni's pudgy tummy while he giggles and gasps for air
>hooni being held down and goosed on his plump thighs
>a shibari'd hooni being teased on his horribly sensitive rear with a feather
>someone digging their fingers into the soft crevices behind his knees
>someone peeling off hooni's long black socks and trailing their wicked fingernails across his soft arches
>chapter 44
no, it's not
i could but why would i
how about
>treating hooni out to a nice meal, paying off his debts, cuddling him, and making sure he gets the therapy he deserves
Step 1: Make an adorable character.
Step 2: Say "No Bulli."
Step 3: Bulli
Step 4: ?????
Step 5: !!!!!
Step 6: PROFIT!!!!!
And after he's nearly recovered from his trauma, violently sodomize him without lubricant!
File deleted.
i should've expected this
That picture would have been so much better if you captioned it with YAMERO
I would be inclined to agree if literally every single person who pushes this message isn't an insufferable degenerate
They are though, so off goes the penis, sissy
The degeneracy in this place makes me want to support trannies, at least they demonstrate they still got some humanity left
You really should’ve, but it never hurts to try and correct those that are wrong
t. fish skin vagina
File deleted.
was suicide bot threads always this degenerate?
What's degenerate about wanting to verbally, physically, mentally, psychologically, and sexually abuse a small depressed boi?
I like the story and characters
but ffs some people here need some help
hooni is for sex
Honestly, what did you expect? Misery porn attracts grade A degenerates.
Also I see way too many blog posts in this thread and no image dump, most of the 3dp and porn reports i've seen came from these too, how is it possible these are still allowed?
File: 1539902414716.jpg (121 KB, 720x1218)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I bet the girl he loves is with one of his bullies. She's taken boi, don't kill yourself over that, I know it hurts really deep....
File: 1554507677268.png (55 KB, 261x482)
55 KB
File: 1553405518148.png (134 KB, 420x531)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
File: 1550348809241.jpg (279 KB, 2000x2000)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
File: 1555896428982.png (240 KB, 408x603)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
I want him to give me a thighjob soooooo bad
Why am I still here?
Hooni is for gently kissing and tucking into bed
If he isn't crying and bleeding when you're done with him, you're doing it wrong.
>Hooni drinks ass juice
Just to suffer

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