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any reference for an absolute beginner ?
Apply heat to whatever.
If it tastes like shit do something different.
pls, help me out
Jaque pepin's new complete techniques
Kenzi Lopez-Alt - The food lab
Mcgee - on food and cooking

Pepin is mostly a reference for whatever you need. I really like the food lab. McGee is kind of a general guide.

BonAppetit (~60% of the recipes are good)
simplyrecipes.com (mostly the older stuff, couple years back at least)

Just seriouseats and the foodlab should keep you busy for quite a while. After that you can start expanding regionally with books.

Tips: Cooking takes time, more time than the recipe calls for and more time than you think. If you want to enjoy cooking and make it a hobby you have to think long-term, two three years down the line to get to a decent level.
First time you make something it will turn out better than the following 4-5 times then after that you will actually know how to cook it.
Proper basic utensils are non-negotiable.
You don't need to spend an arm and a leg, a good kitchen knife is 20-30$. A chinese whetstone is 10-15$. Aliexpress and reviews are your friend. Youtube burrfection for sharpening. That will be enough.
Cast iron/carbon steel pan is great for frying, steaks etc but by no means a necessity.
A stainless steel pan from a restaurant supply chain (or amazon but more expensive) is amazing, get one. Get a steel lid. It will become your best friend.
Non-stick is for eggs and slight sauteeing/sweating vegetables. Only. Get cheap, replace when it flakes. Don't use metal utensils.
Last tip for now, this place is shit, visit for memes and laughs not actual cooking content.
>think of a simple dish you like
>google the recipe
And wallah. Its that simple. If the recipe is not simple enough then you should check them on youtube.
do a spaghetti bolognese. its easy and rewarding.

500gr beef
50-100gr bacon/pancetta
1 tin of good quality chopped tinned tomatoes
1 jar/half a tube tomato puree
2 onions - zittauer/white
3 garlic cloves
1 sprig of fresh thyme
a handfull fresh basil
fresh parsley - 1 bunch
celery - 2 stalks
3 carrots - medium
3 deciliter wine
3 deciliter stock - beef
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp whitewine vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
salt n peppar

allright this recipe is very simple. we start of by taking a medium sized pot out and putting it on the cooker. put in 1 tbsp olive oil, and fry your garlic. dont peel it, at most puncture it with your knife. now, brown the meat, do not be afraid of aplying heat to the pot, stir it alot. turn the heat down and chop the onions. onions in, heat up. stir. take half of the parsley and chop it. throw it in the pot. keep a high heat and keep stirring til there is no more water from the meat in the pot. you can tell by moving a little meat aside and see if the liquid is viscous like oil, or if it is meat juices/water. now throw in the redwine and vinegar. stir. reduce heat to a medium low and let the alcohol evaporate. this doesnt take long, a couple of minutes at the most. in goes the stock, 1 carrot, tomatoes, puree, thyme, basil and the celery. put a lid on reduce to a low-medium low heat and let simmer for 45 min. in the meantime you prepare your vessel for the sauce. fresh pasta is best and costs about the same as dried. sometimes its cheaper. use a large pot. its very important that your pot is large enough to accomodate the pasta. time it so your water boils around the 45 minute mark. if you want to cheat you can get some boiling water from your kettle. when boiling put the pasta and some salt in and follow the instructions on the packet. while that is boiling, chop the rest of your carrots very finely in little cubes and add them to the sauce. chop the rest of the parsley and put that in as well. now. taste. more salt? pepper? sugar?
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i forgot to say. add the bacon when you add the meat.
you want some cheese to put on top. i like a hard and tastefull cheese but a red cheddar will do fine as well.

add olive oil before serving. dont put oil in the pasta water, it will make it hard for the sauce to adhere to it.
Why do you write like cooking is an anime?
Popping a metal spoon in a microwave for 40 secs on high to kill bacteria
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next thing. you need to work on your knife skills.
its the most important tool a chef has, and if you cant chop onions quicktime or cut vegetables in a desired shape you will grow increasingly frustrated.
watch youtube videos. buy cucumbers and practise. NEVER fall for any housewife machine.
dont own 6 knives. buy a good kitchen knife. spend a bit on it, it will be your most used tool in the kitchen. dont go out and buy filet knives or little "vegetable knives" you wont need them for at least a couple of years. when your skill has increased you can start to challenge yourself more, and buy a filet knife for cutting that 1 fish you make a year.
you could buy a knife sharpener, or take it to a proffesional once a month. if you get your own sharpener or even better a stone, you will want to teach yourself to make a weekly habit out of sharpening knives. a sharp knife is crucial for proper slicing and dicing.
get a metal or wooden handle, and be prepared to spend at least 50-150 usd
also. it should be at least 20cm.
its easy to be motivated if you know you can chop fast and precise since this is one of the more time consuming things to do in a kitchen.
i dont get how that is written like an anime..
its just simplified. or am i completely detached from reality?
english is not my first language, sorry.
It is now, bitch.
You can undercook, but you can't un-cook.
Mommy blog recipes and AllRecipes recipes written by housewives that usually get pushed to the very top of the search results are not helpful.
YouTube is your friend
Learn how to caramelize onions. Cooking takes patience just like caramelizing onions it takes around an hour of cooking onions
Learn how to season well. The quality of your ingredients don't mean shit, if it's bland.
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Foodwishes with Chef John. The video are done well and the recipes are pretty tasty. Anything he doesn't cover can be found elsewhere although usually with some faggot or dumb bitch. His voice can be annoying but let it wash over you.

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