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I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm a hungry skeleton whose never had a craving for sugar before. I went to this donut place on a whim and now I literally cannot stop thinking about donuts. I've been back already twice this week.

Is this how getting fat starts? Do I need to cut off all contact with this donut shop immediately? I literally cannot stop thinking about their delicious homemade donuts
I have a god tier donut shop near me named Frosty's. A glazed twist and a bostom creme is my go to order, makes chain donut shops taste like shit. I feel you anon.
All my life I've ever had was krispy kreme(p good but none near me) and dunkin(god fucking awful) and this is the first one I've been to that's a locally owned place. You could see the 80 y/o owner grandpa guy in the back hand slicing apples to put into the apple fritters and making the dough
Low fat means low satiety. Eat more gain a bit of fat and your leptin will increase
Yes, it can lead down the path of becoming a fatass. If you absolutely must have them, restrict the amount of them you eat and set a day when you'll buy them. Don't get the whole dozen every other day, just 2 donuts once a week.
yes you are right
thank you for this advice on moderation
>Low fat means low satiety
not true. low fat = more bulk = high satiety.
and carbs raise blood sugar which increases satiety.
Based and donutpilled
I wish I had that problem. All we have out here is Krispy Kreme which I can't stand, and a couple terrible local donut places.
Just start eating donuts and drinking scotch before work multiple times a week... no experience with this personally
Sorry meant low body fat

Op probs has a fuck ton of ghrelin and no leptin if he is a skele
For me, its the cronut
>no experience with this personally
My local really good donut shop closed up last year and im still not over it. all we have is shitty chain donuts now

please pour one out for me bros it really does hurt me
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>that chart
>no cruller
what the actual fuck, crullers are a staple donut variety
>twisted glazed donut
Where's the Long John/Creamstick? Gotta get one of those with the maple icing and whipped cream filling instead of the bavarian type whenever I go to the local "Amish" bakery
my personal favorite are the chocolate cake donuts, you just simply cannot beat them.
>that pic
I'm willing to pay top memes if one can point me to an aceptable recipe of lemon filling for donuts
It’s a different base, much more eggy
>Where's the Long John
Did you only look at the names and not the pictures?
lemon curd, maybe half curd half pastry cream/whipped cream if straight curd is too tart. Lemon curd is pretty standard and easy too, so most recipes will turn out great as long as you use fresh lemons
I love right next to a 25/7 local doughnut place.

I've been pretty good about not really going anymore, but when I first moved here I went all the damn time. Gotta set limits on yourself anon.

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