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you open a restaurant. you steal recipes. then you don't make shit food. eventually yelp will destroy or make you. When you start making money from this and make it into the news. You close it down and open a new one with a different style. You want people to make it seem like they missed out on your last restaurant and they need to come to this one. Then you repeat this cycle, one more time. So you are on your third restaurant. By now you should have enough to open your first one again, in a different location.

Basically, you are a fucking retard.
You shouldn't make bank as a cook, you should make food. Let the bankers make the banks.
This is correct. Make good food. Have good staff. Make sure your accountant/bookkeeper knows your goals if you can't do it yourself
How long do I need to save on an entry level cook's wage living in NYC to open my own restaurant and get a tv show? Would a Cordon Bleu certification help?
>learn how to cook just well enough to be excellent at prepping.
>get hired at nice hotel in downtown
>meet eight people of varied skills and temperaments
>Choose your mark
>Case the joint
>Get an inside man if possible, else just learn the security patterns very very well
>Come up with a plan
>Approach the teller and pretend to have a problem with their services
>Demand to see a manager
>Allies arrive in masks and take you hostage
>They will assure the employees there will be no blood as long as you can see their hands at all times.
>Get to the vault
>get the cash
>get the fuck out
>get thrown out of car along the way
>Report the robbery
>Give false IDs
>Return to your life as a prep cook.
>Split money eight ways.
Meth. You cook meth.
I like your thinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnaVHba-4Mc
>How do I make bank as a cook?
Sell cocaine on the side.
Besides, your workforce will be all dopeheads anyway. Sell'em coke, get all your payroll back
this isn't 2014

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