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How do local cons compare to their giant 2000+ attendee counterparts? I've only been to the really big ones before. Do local/small cons offer a portal to the fabled world of the early 2000 con scene?
Small cons are pretty good. When I was a new weeb I hated them because they seemed really low budget and boring but now that I'm older I can appreciate that the lower the budget the more earnestly they might try to make the con fun, and you're exactly right that it has an Early Con Scene vibe.
That's nice to hear, especially since my last con was a mess of money-grubbing mismanagement. Okay, it wasn't super awful, but it was enough to be annoying.
I'm bringing two friends conning for the first time since a local one is opening just a short drive from our town. I am worried about the low budget scaring them off for being too "boring" like you said.


anyway, I think local cons are hit or miss.
They're either comfy but still with their modern-day con problems here and there, or completely cheap, tacky and abhorrent.
/bant/ officially blesses this thread.
t. Fellow Banter
I think it depends on the con, the area and the year. They are more variable and also vulnerable to bad years, and can really be damaged by something like a guest cancellation. Honestly, I'm thinking it depends on what you are looking for. I'd take a chance on a smaller con in a larger city before going to my local cons again but then I live in the Midwest so my local cons are low budget and mostly attended by local kids who can't travel to something better yet.
Small cons are mostly for hanging with friends. If you're alone it might get boring. But on the other hand if you're social you can make local friends there.

I have to say the best panel I have ever been was at local 500~ attendee con. They had bunch of anime/manga items for auction for funding next years con and the winner could keep them or destroy them (for example with axe). I have never seen anyone hate Naruto so much. I don't think this kind of thing would work on bigger cons.
I do enjoy Huey Louis and the News quite a bit. But I never had Fore! on vinyl, only cassette.
The one my school has hosted was really really tiny. It was mostly just panels.
They will not have everything you would find at a larger con, but should have essentials like artists, merch, and a game room. You'll see maybe a couple expert level cosplays over the course of the event, but mostly run of the mill home made or cheap Amazon outfits. There's a small con in my home town and it's worth showing up for, but I would not spend vacation days or incur lodging costs for it.

This. My only friend that went to my local con has an exploding spine, so I barely saw him and spent a lot of time bored. A local dude had a home brew dice game that he was letting people play free with prizes, and he invited some people to his room for drinking games (was too tired unfortunately). This wasn't anything official it was just some guy that wanted to chat and do some light LARP. I won a free badge for next year playing a physical challenges game, which was also free, so I will be going again.
Why does Cherno have the eva chopsticks
File: zelda.jpg (28 KB, 600x600)
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because she is in cosplay!
I really like those. Since you'll always see some older faces ( which you'll never recognize IRL if they are in some cosplay ). If you go there a few times, you'll get to know some people. It gives me the possibility to learn new people that you'll eventually see every year once at least. And generally, they are much more fun, and not on the tryhard side here in Europe.
It it's really easy to become a regular face there
2000 is giant to you?

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