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any type of maid outfit is fine!
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What are the best maid cafes to visit? And how cringy are they irl?
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I don't think I ever posted a review for Lala Maid on taobao but I finally got one of theirs inspired by the @home maids and I love it.

Some of their designs are pretty awful but they've got some good gems in there.
File: CvdSLH5UAAAjuHQ.jpg (310 KB, 1152x2048)
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best places to get uniforms???
now we're talking
delete this
Maidreamin is the biggest maid cafe, and it's what you think of when you imagine a maid cafe. Very cutesy, bright, moe. They have regular dance performances and great service. But there are a lot of tourists, and in my experience they're kind of wet blankets and they drag the atmosphere down.

@home cafe is more laid back and friendly. They have some cutesy shit, but mostly they talk to you like you're a good friend. They have singing and dance performances of their original music. It was definitely my favorite of the two.

A good maid cafe won't feel cringy while you're there. The best maids get you immersed into the experience and help you accept it. The only thing to make it a bad or cringe experience is your own attitude. Accept it and have a good time, fight it and you'll make it awkward.
Unless you go to a flagship cafe, Maidreamin is a hovel compared to @Home. My worst cafe experience came from them. It was dark & dingy, we were shoved in a corner & mostly ignored by the maids. To top it off? A guy on the table next to me was wanking the whole time.
Do you know if they do custom sizing too?
I'm not entirely sure. I think you can only do custom colors but it can't hurt to have your shopping service ask.
dad i told you to stop!
>A guy on the table next to me was wanking the whole time
absolutely based, he did indeed enjoyed his visit

Ok, what on Earth is going on here? She's watching a ring and is wearing a radio

Big hmm
I'be been to maidreamin. They try to push all the expensive packages on you (you CAN just order single food items! don't be fooled!) and the girls aren't all super sugoi kawaii but hey what do you expect. The service is also kind of slow, it took like 25 minutes for my mother and I to get 2 parfaits.
But damn they were good! and the girls were super friendly. The parfaits weren't too bank breaking either, and super cute. That's just my 2 cents

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