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File: membrana.jpg (86 KB, 1242x441)
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Hey Guys!

You missed btc? eth?...me too...missed link? so here u have another opportunity...

Its really hard to get but it will pay off...

120k mcap. working product!!! and guess who is backing them, the same angel investors as with ren, cosmos, zilliqa, kyber, tezos, zcoin and iota...to name just a few!

they cant be stupid so why you'd be?!

if you have just 50gramms of brain you will get that this aint gonna stay 120k mcap forever...

but if you dont want to buy the token...u can use theyr platform aswell...pro traders can

trade with your money via smart contracts and u decide how much profit and how much loss u are willing to take!

i saw idiots sending money to anonymous "traders" via twitter and they got scamed...this can not happen with membrana!

so grab this opportunity or not...i wanted to just inform you before liftoff...its gonna be really soon!!



$mbn to the moon !
Sorry, so what exactly is it?
Team looks good. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.
dude this is a trust platform/exchange thing there a so many scammers pretend to be traders showing big portfolios on twitter and over here so idiots send them btc to trade for them... colplete insane thing... but with this platform you can hook up with real pro traders and give them btc/eth to trade for you via a smart contract and he can make gainzz for you and for him...you decide how mutch profit and how much loss are willing to take and the pro trades for you... mbn is used on the platform for various of things and for staking so u get every day new coins... now mbn is x8 under ieo price...but for how long??
looks decent but only on off brand exchanges with no volume hmm
Cringe af.
LOL (reddit tier indian)

If it's low-cap speculation you are after, buy Cruzbit.

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