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Get the first anti-money-laundering crypto. Capped at 10 collectibles per transaction, insane burn rate, it's the first collectible and not a token. With our shilling, we can surely make the first legally recognized asset in crypto.

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burn rate decreases to 0% over time. We can also influence the burn rate. Burn free transaction every 6 months, get the fuck in.
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limited to one ether per wallet to buy this shit. zero fucking reserve. 300k supply, only to ever be made. 90% off only for biz shills, first 10k collectibles are 90% motherfucking off
File: 2019-04-03_huge-ass.jpg (73 KB, 700x682)
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No ceos, no founders, no assholes getting rich off your shilling. Only you and all your brothers.

this is how we get rich bizlets
whats the catch?

we have to buy them at the price floor
It literally does nothing. Theres no functionality and no point to this. No news is ever going to come out and make this more valuabe. You're literally trusting that other people will buy it and the burn will increase value. Nothx
>anti-money-laundering crypto
Why would that be a good thing?

Not fudding, I just want to get it straight.
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the purpose of this is for it to go slowly up due to the momentum and pressure from the burn. a lot of crypto assets fail to get recognized and have mutual funds dumped into them because they are extremely volatile. whale phal will be the first crypto without that problem because of the cap against exchanges, transactions and the high burn rate. you are paid to HODL. you should also take a look at other projects and see what they have accomplished, nothing. BTC itself is a store of value and is this collectible.
File: jenselter1.jpg (64 KB, 732x645)
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it is essentially can't go down without hurting those who try to sell the most because of the super high burn rate, but it rewards HODLers and allows a free transaction every 180 days. It's like bomb token but x100 better with an even more limited supply.


Because then regulators will point to it as a shining example of how crypto should be. Then it could get adopted by mutual funds and other 401k accounts and pushed into the stock market general, the first such crypto in history ever. We can make it so.
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eventually the burn rate drops to zero after like six years
theres a cap of 10 collectibles per transaction, that in itself makes it valuable. it's impossible to launder money or whale over it
So you put your money into another token, but this time it incentivizes you to NOT cash out? What is the point? Do you expect to be the next BTC or something? I'm totally not following what is the point you're trying to make.

exactly, it's supposed to be a store of value

the point is to have the first digital asset that SLOWLY but STEADILY increases in price. the first one, without sudden drops.

it certainly won't be the market cap of BTC but it could be a fearsome price especially as supply decreases, until it eventually bottoms out to zero

there isn't a technical aspect to it, although im sure later down the road assets could be tied to it. adoption is the goal for now

the burn rate that is, will drop to 0% within six years or three, depending on the total supply
So if the supply is going to eventually be zero in about six years, and the increase is supposed to be slow why would it be a good investment if there will be basically people who held till the end and can't cash out because nobody is buying? Isn't the whole purpose of "magic internet money" to make money? How can you do that if people are not buying and are not incentivized to trade or sell?

no I apologize, the BURN RATE will drop to zero as the network forms

ideally people would hold for three to six years and there are a lot of incentives to allow for that, i'm sorry i had a typo
i will take some, but not buy some

No problem, I see where you are going then, I'll look into the whalephal link.

doesn't work that way, nobody owns the contract, there is no reserve and there is no team. it's decentralized shilling at best. look at the etherscan if you doubt me.

yes i've thought about this as well. i think someone could build a voting mechanism on it, for how much phal you have. the point is to make it decentralized to the max, since there is no single party dominating any share of it unlike btc for example which has mega whales

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