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>wake up early because I went to sleep early after trying to read the last 50 pages of a boring 230 page mid 20th century novel (supposedly the author's best book); won't finish it for even the minor pseud cred
>waste 45 minutes lying in bed, browsing internet on phone
>go to gym
>do light cardio
>go to work and get in a bit later than usual but no worries
>do boring office job; barely anything to do today
>boss is travelling today so he isn't here to judge me socially
>think the Oxford guy I met a while ago isn't as high ranked as I thought; I may have a better job than him in November if I move departments
>already knew that a theoretical 28 year old could easily be 2 to 3 rungs higher than me because I'm an ugly sperg who couldn't pass interviews to get a good job straight after university; seeing people in the flesh makes my failure more palpable
>have supermarket sandwich and coffee at lunch
>hear guy asking homeless guy for directions; think of a good GigaChad post ("Why yes, I do have deep discussions with homeless drug addicts about the local historical and culinary landmarks before leaving them in the dirt without giving any change! Pray tell, what inspired this clairvoyance?") and spend a few hours after lunch smiling to myself when I think how good of a topic it would be
>leave before 5 pm
>will now go and have a mini binge at home but have genuinely no clue what to do this evening

I was sitting in the office and I thought back to a day earlier this year, when I thought I'd be in my home town all summer. It was a hot and sunny day. I went to a job interview in my car in the morning. I had a job centre appointment a few hours later so I just sat in the car and had a burger king coffee and browsed 4chan on my phone. I felt this incredible freedom. I left the building at mid-day on a weekday, I was at my car in an edge of town car park, the type you'd stop at if you were on a long journey. I had the entire day to do what I wanted but I felt so aimless.
Stop bumping retard, nobody cares about your blog. Go tell /r9k/ or something
Write a book.
"Memoirs of an office sperg"
are you going to read Thundersqueak? are you going to go to the pub?

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