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Hey guys, just looking for recommendations for readings. Not really trying to be sold one single economic theory- I just want to not feel retarded on the subject anymore.

Have taken micro/macroeconomics in college but that was 6 years ago.

Any suggestions?

This is a pretty solid list of books. As a rule of thumb, start with the oldest. Take a look at "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith, 243 beautiful years and is STILL making the list.
Very interesting, do you have any personal contemporary favorites?
wealth of nations
das kapital
Thomas Sowell's Economic Facts and Fallacies.
He comes off as conservative but I'd call him a pragmatist.
introduction to economic growth - best macro book out there on growth. Comes with math, but can be read without doing any of it.

by Jones that is. introduction to modern economic growth my acemogul should be good too, but never read it.
all added to my list, any more?
The Bujee Intelligentsia Investador

Refer to Ch.8
Awhile ago in 2018 there was an anon that recommended these:

>Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey, Myers, Allen
>Investments by Bodie, Kane, Marcus
>Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives by Hull

Sales and Trading
>Option and Volatility and Pricing by Sheldon Natenburg
>Advances in Financial Machine Learning by Prado
>Dynamic Hedging by Taleb

>The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
>Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman
>Valuation by McKinsey
>Investment Valuation by Damodaran

>Torrent Wall Street Prep or Breaking Into Wall Street Premium and do the modeling courses
>Investment Banking: Valuation, LBOs, and M&A by Rosenbaum & Pearl
>Financial Modeling by Benninga

I am only really certain about "The Intelligent Investor" and "Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives" by Hull, I have yet to start with the others.

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