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>hey you guys want an hour of Matt Taven?
LMAO at the state absolute literal who state of ROH. This is what happens when you build your entire company around being a Bullet Club shill for years.
Matt taven and the Kingdom are based
this is an amazing summary of the current state of ROH kek
>Lethal/Taven doing a broadway
What the fuck, who booked that shit.
Wait, they really did that? Holy fuck Delirious what are you doing. How do you not have the self-awareness to realize nobody cares enough about Matt Taven. Especially not to see him in a match that only GOATs should be doing.
Things no one has said ever
I wouldn't mind Matt Taven if the storylines and booking were the least bit consistent. As it stands, ROH TV still has almost nothing to do with what happens on PPVs and it makes the storyline a mess.
Delirious is a shit booker. Seriously, who is he blowing to have had the book for so long?
File: ROH-Delirious.jpg (113 KB, 640x360)
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>h-he's huge in m-mexico, i-i swear
last two matches were good but the show was a complete slog to get through. lethal and particularly taven shouldn't go thirty minutes much less an hour. could've gotten the same result with a countout or double knock out.
File: 1537129863357.jpg (27 KB, 148x216)
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>One hour of Matt ">Matt Taven" Taven
Delirious has lost his goddamn mind and Cornette has a job elsewhere, ROH is fucked
Sup Delirious.
I should have yelled at this retard when he sat in front of me at the stardom show this past january. Fucking HACK.
Cornette was right. APOLOGIZE
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I mean do any of us truly, honestly care about the number 4 US promotion?

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