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*turns babyface mid rumble and wins back to back rumbles and faces lesnar in your path*
How do you turn babyface in the middle of a rumble match?
Start helping faces and knocking out heels
>He's gonna say it!
>My God Cole, he's gonna say it!
>white meat baby face is stuck in a 2 on 1 handicap between Nak and another heel
>They face off
>Nak turns and starts beating the shit out of the heel
>Eliminates him
>Stares down the face
>Shakes his hand
>They team up for a while until baby face gets eliminated and Nak eliminates the guy who did it
Then he wins, challenges Brock, and literally has to do nothing because being a part timer is Brocks gimmick
>he helps a black wrestler eliminate all white wrestlers
>final 2 is asian vs black
>stephanie shows up
>announces that both of them win because diversity
he kicks all the heels in the balls
>Samoa Joe
>and Nakamura
>They all beat him up and he comes back with 4 Kinshasas
>Eliminates them all
Basically make him have a babyface comeback against heels and make him the last good option left.
sounds like a boring match tbfh
File: 1546662715586.jpg (121 KB, 1200x1196)
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t. seething AllPajeet
So when are we going to talk about how Nak's been pretty shit since coming to America?
later you moron wait until the thread has 20 posts
File: nakyaballsoff.jpg (610 KB, 1600x1065)
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if they just let him go right back to the WWE title picture instead of doing nothing in midcard hell he would be fine. idc what y'all say rusev is anti dimes. Should have put Nak with Almas and then let Almas win, then Nak vs Bryan
easy choices but vince is retarded

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