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/an/ - Animals & Nature

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File: 1560170838167.png (551 KB, 582x387)
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I work on a cattle farm and was thinking about getting a sheep to practice on to expand my resume. Can only find bulk sheep though, what sort of place sells single sheep?
I mean a couple so they don't get sad.
What sort of practice will you be performing?
doggy style using the Welsh method
Shearing, dipping and general maintenance
Dipping sheep? Is that where dyed wool comes from?
>A sheep
They're herd animals you dip, purchase three from literally any farm via private treaty. They're cheap and you can legally just slit their throat if you don't want to deal with them anymore.
File: KiwiTinder.gif (2.36 MB, 260x260)
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I know, it was late and my foot was sore. I said right under I'd grab a couple. I'm going to see some Ouessants in the town when I get a chance now. I hope they say
>here's your ewe
If you go around farms that have them during lambing season you can probably easily get some lambs that have been rejected by their mother or their mother died or she had no milk.
They are not that hard to raise (and one more thing on your resume I guess) but not all farmers are willing to put in the work so they might be happy to get rid of them really cheap.
File: 1551576172751.jpg (91 KB, 700x525)
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Don't lambs end up really weird if you hand rear them? I'm looking for a typical ewe to get into.

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