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I found a stray cat and took her to the emergency vet to see if she was chipped. Turns out she wasn't. She also has ear mites, and she may not be spayed. 1-2 years old.

I invited her in the house for a bit, but she wanted to be let outside. One of the folks from the neighborhood was walking out the door, and the cat followed them. They said they knew her for a while, and let her in their house every now and then.

My question is would they be considered the cat's owner? They never took her to the vet to fix her ear mite problem or got her spayed. She doesnt wear a collar, and doesnt respond to the name they call her.

She's the sweetest thing, and I want to make sure she has a good home. She came to me one night starving and thirsty, so it makes me wonder if they actually care for her.

Thanks for your time
>let her in their house every now and then.
>My question is would they be considered the cat's owner?
No, of course not.
They are probably in the same scenario as you. It was likely a neighborhood cat and they started to let it hang out. I think the cat wants outside because it it doesn’t view anyone as an owner or a specific place as home but rather more like friends or a place it can trust. I’m sure it appreciates the clean ears though and will return often.
Nah you're good anon, cats like these tend to bounce around people in the neighbourhood until someone like yourself who gives enough of a shit takes them in.

If she's not chipped then there's nothing that really legally ties her to anyone.
If you chip her she's yours tehnically
You should get her chipped anyways, if something happens to her you'll get to know.

I have had many strays living "with me". I had one vaccinated, chipped and spayed and kept him inside for about a week, until he managed to escape through a window. I thought I'd never see him again, but he still hangs around. I have made a hole in the wall of my outdoor storage house and feed him there. I set up a camera and there he was!

I had another one who got hit by a car (she came inside but only during winter) and if I hadn't chipped her I would probably not find out.

When cats are hungry and not in a great condition, always take care of them.

I'd talk to them about the cats situation and if they would be willing to become proper owners or will let you. It's also an option to share the cat as long as you keep in contact and coordinate feeding and vet care but even in that case legally you would have to decide on one main owner first that takes the responsibility.
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OP here.

Thank you for all the replies. I had bloodwork done, shots, feline leukemia tests, and got drops for her slight ear infection. Turns out she was spayed a while back and is very healthy. Closer to a year old. The vet recommended for me not to get her nails trimmed in case she wants to go back outside. I'm probably going to care for her for a month and check lost and found pages. Maybe even post flyers. I will know the Feline Leukimia results tomorrow. If I dont find the owner, I may keep her.

Thanks again
Good work OP. She's cute, looks like one of mine.
What a cutie. I'd definitely post a few flyers and ask around to see if she's got an owner - could be that someone lost her a while ago and is desperately missing her. But more likely she's just a stray in which case it's up to you whether you adopt her or just take the example of your neighbours and look after her when she visits.
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Thanks, anon. I couldn't let her off knowing her ears were bothering her, or the possibility of her being sick. Even if she already had an owner
Still looking through flyers, but so far no luck. Update on vet, she doesnt have feline leukemia and her stool is all good. I'm taking her for a checkup in 2 weeks, and so far, she hasn't begged to go outside. She's not scratching her ears as often with the drops and seems a lot happier
you have acquired a cat.

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