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/an/ - Animals & Nature

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File: fruit-flies-1.jpg (92 KB, 728x485)
92 KB
*ruins your summer*

Heh, nothin personnel kid
then don't let trash lie around.
also, vinegar traps.
File: Mosquito_2007-2.jpg (1.89 MB, 1856x1661)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
>*blocks your path*
*helps create 40 degree heat wave*
Heh, just drive a bit less and use your ac only when youre on the verge of heat stroke. Dont worry about our huge tankers and pollution, its all on you the common citizen..
>neighbors dont exist
>oh hey! thanks for opening the door, let me swooce right in
>fruit flies
fruit flies are bros. phorids are the monsters
How come they always manage to come out of or spontaneously appear by my bathroom sink? I don't keep trash in there but I'll randomly find fruit flies there and wonder where the fuck they came from
They're there for a reason. Probably you have something attracting them in the p-trap.

Deerflies kill summer more than mosquitoes. At least for me. Mosquitoes leave me alone for the most part whereas biting flies are on me like a hobo on a hotdog.
wear a hat they only bite me on the scalp
pretty sure its phorids. waaaaay worse
>our huge tankers
You are talking about China, right?
It doesnt matter who owns the tankers, the "its your fault not ours" propaganda is still spread the exact same.
>leave many bowls of cheap franzia wine
>dummies dive bomb in and die

*it was a hologram*
If you can build a trap like >>3080160 here, I can confirm that the one thing that attracts them like no other, is jizz.
Just jizz all up in the jar.

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