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I need advice, /an/.
A few months ago a neighbor adopted a dog (maybe two) that were on their final week at the pound. Turns out she was a fence breaker. Anyway, the woman of the house has stage 4 cancer and couldn't keep the dog up. Eventually the tags were taken off her collar.
I don't know why, but I started feeding her.
Then another dog started coming with her; an old neutered male. He is super friendly, and waits at my gate wagging until I carry a can of food out for him.
I kinda want to try to keep him. The thing is I already have a dog, a Shiranian (Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix); he's under a year old and not neutered.

Is there a safe way to integrate him?
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My dog, Loki, is the yappy ball of energy you would expect. He's not super bright, but he loves everyone. He also seems to really like big dogs. Unfortunately he tends to snap at other animals' mouths and bark in their face when playing.
He's not here most of the day. He too is a fence breaker, so I take him down the road to my parents' house where there are other dogs to keep him company. He really enjoys guarding the house at night when he's home, though.
He's played with the girl dog, but not the old boy.
There's really no way to be safe about it. There's always the risk of the large one accidentally killing the small one. At least don't leave them together unsupervised.
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I was afraid of that...
They kinda met today. He was still in the yard when my mother brought Loki home. My mom stayed outside the fence holding Loki until I came outside.
The old dog was just standing there, tail low but wagging. When I opened the gate, he walked out calmly and just looked back at me a few times as he left. I told him goodnight in a cheery voice so he wouldn't feel like he was in trouble.
Loki was losing his mind barking and chased him along the fence line as the old dog left.
Of course, Loki does that with the girl dog too until she's in the yard, then he just wants to play.
I just feel really bad for him, y'know? He's a big, old, mutt; no one's going to adopt him if he goes to the pound.
Not ready to let this die yet
Is he a fence breaker? Maybe you can just kennel off an area for the guy to play with the girl dog. I'd be super weary of introducing a small dog, especially if your dog likes to antagonize. I really hope you can figure something out for the old guy.

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