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is anyone here good at identifying bird calls? i live on the coast of massachusetts, by a good-sized creek that just had some of its outermost trees cut down. i’ll give you a video in a second, but here’s a description for now: its somewhat quick, with two trills and a few notes after both.

this is the call, it was repeating it for a while this morning
>go through my entire field guide
>try to use multiple websites
is this how i die?
I'll give you a bump because I'm kinda curious too. Unfortunately can't help you though; I can recognise a bunch of European bird species by their calls, but I'm not familiar with North American birdsongs at all.
I'm pretty confident what you're hearing are starlings, OP.
hm, european starlings are extremely common near me, but i can’t find any audio or videos of this call from one online. i know they can be great mimics, but what i want to know is the species that naturally makes the call if that makes sense
this bird has been calling this morning, and there seem to be multiple now. their calls vary a good amount: trilling is sometimes replaced with whistling of the same note as the trilling would be, and whistles and trills are added and removed often. im not sure if this helps, but its something i noticed.
Brown recluse.
I'm gonna follow you around and I'm gonna stab you in the kidney with a serrated knife. If you're one of them hermits, that's even better, no one will think to check on you after I strangle you in your sleep :)
jesus christ

its probably just song sparrows. im fucking stupid, dont their songs vary alot?

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