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Mates if I were to offer 25-30 dollars to any of you who lived in cali j u s t to catch me a decently young possum (alive), would any of you actually do it or do I need to raise the reward a bit more? I have been looking for a possum since I was alive and would love to care for one instead of it possibly getting killed or poisoned
Going rate for a captive bred one is 150 dollars. I wouldn't do this for less than that, and I'd really just rather not peel a bab opossum off it's mother just so some mong on a Mesopotamian rock carving board can learn that caring for a wild animal with no commercially available diet or vet care is hard.
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OP, we need to address the elephant in the room - the majority of opossums belong outside. If you see one there, leave it there.
I wish she was my mother
25-30 dollars only gets you an angry full grown adult possum
>would love to care for one instead of it possibly getting killed or poisoned
You'd kill it nigga. At least accept the selfishness of your wish instead of pretending you're doing it a favor.
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>I have been looking for a possum since I was alive and would love to care for one instead of it possibly getting killed or poisoned

Take it to a wild life preserve. They can keep it in its natural environment AND track it.

My parents saved a bunch of baby possums after their mum got rab over and the reserve we dropped them off made sure they had long, happy possum lives.
it's not even legal to have a pet opossum in California let alone catching one and sending it to some fool in who knows where
goddman that is cute
Do you know how to care for an opossum OP?

You know they can get metabolic bone disease within a week if your diet is off right?
>if your diet is off

i'm assuming you mean the opossum's diet

and i aint no possum expert, but i see them boys eating out of trashcans all day so would be pretty surprised if their diet has to be precise

It does. They need a very specific calcium/phos ratio.

Feel free to not believe me, but enjoy your animal slowly dying of something extremely painful long before it even is fully grown.
I'll do it. Whats your address?
for you
I used to have an opossum "pet" as a teen. He lived outside but always came around for petting. Sure, I fed him some, but he always got a chance to get the food he needed. But, I also did my research on it. It's not uncommon to grab one as a baby and raise it as a pet, I found. They're fucking everywhere, but that doesn't change the fact that this anon >>2964203 is totally right.

They require a very specific diet. You can't think of a diet as a single staple food. Think of it as a series of requirements a creature has to meet. Seeing them scavenge out of trashbins is just them checking off a few boxes, or even most of them.

But still, not all of them.

Can they become good pets? Yes.
Should I just grab one out the while? Not really. They do reproduce like wildfire, but it's just never a good idea to go grab wild animals. Seek a breeder and encourage a trade of captive bred examples.
Would it be worthwhile? That's up for you to decide. They can be very affectionate and adoring companions, rivaling dogs even. But, even if you do everything right? You do the diet right, you take good care of the, you really make sure that Opossum is living the best possible life?

They only live for about 3 years.

That's what you're getting into with an Opossum:

+Pretty clean
+Can be a couch potato and be fine
+Do like to be handled, usually
+Jesus Christ, they never bite. I've been bit by guinea pigs, but not even wild, untamed opossums.

-Short lives, heartbreakingly so.
-Specific diet
>just so some mong on a Mesopotamian rock carving board can learn that caring for a wild animal with no commercially available diet or vet care is hard.
If I'm remembering correctly, there are some available, but you're definitely not going to find them next to the Iam's at your Petsmart.

By that, I mean breeders do make their own mixes. But, if you meant something you can schlop on down to a Petco and grab off a shelf, then nah.
I thought they were able to live longer in captivity? Isn't that 3 year number based off wild ones with no access to vets, and being more accident prone, etc? They are so fucking cute and chill but I'd hesitate to get one for the other reasons stated. My friend once told me about this girl in high school who tried to raise two babies and they died, probably the diet issue, I guess.
In wild they usually live 12 to 18 months. 3 years is the longest recorded life span in the wild. Admittedly, all the estimates of life span in captivity I've heard peg it around 4 years, but that might be for ones that don't get obese and/or bone hurted.
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Can I make a suggestion; I know I'm probably in the minority here with my unorthodox opinion here but just bear with me: cat or dog
Fuck that get a snake
I used to catch possums when I was younger and I would sell them to people to use for pranks when I lived in Alabama. I live in Washington state now so I'm pretty close
Yeah 4 is stretching it. I'm not trying to turn people away, they're honestly good companions. Just, be prepared for what you're getting into.
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Wow, I still suspected it was longer. Too pure for this earth Q___Q
Well, if you want to stay optimistic, there are confirmed reports of pet opossums living to 7 years, and unconfirmed reports of 9 years. I'm lead to believe that individuals from populations that tend towards smaller sizes are longer lived.
Why are all of you forgetting about the O in Opossum?

I bet you guys say "Coons" too
Well, yeah.
Would you have a rough estimation of the size to look for? If I ever keep another one, I'd like to have that in mind, actually. You know, see if it works out.
I'm afraid my estimates are really rough. Mind you, opossums are all born about the same size, so the only way you'd be able to tell how big they will get is by their parents. But if they are smaller than a typical small breed of cat, you are probably dealing with a small breed of opossum. Of course you could get japed too, as in a litter opossums size can vary immensely, with some growing twice as heavy as others in the same environment.

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