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awww nice boy
I miss my leopard gecko
Are they affectionate?
of course not . its a reptile,the entire relationship is one sided


I wish people would hop off this trend. Seen a video with one guy claiming his red tail was a 'service snake' because it detected his epilepsy. There is little research on the fence supporting this claim. Some theorize snakes can detect earth quakes. But, the thought is that the snake squeezes his neck before an oncoming seizure. I see this as potentially dangerous imo.

Reptiles can be very neat and interesting animals to keep. I kept a solid amount of them for YEARS. At one point breeding rats and insects for them. However, I never had a 2 way emotional relationship with any of them. Some may of appeared 'happy' to see me, but they knew my presence meant food and water. Nothing more. I hate the amount of cringeworthy asshats that keep them now as bragging rights. I go into any petshop and theres always the one attention whore who asks for 'RATS FOR MA SNEK' and looks around for the attention.
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Some larger lizards are intelligent enough to be trained, like monitors. And some actively seek out attention, including some monitors and especially rhino iguanas.

I keep snakes and love them, but you're pretty much right about the attention fuckers. Just as bad are the ones who get off on how badass it is to feed live mammals to their snakes and never even attempt to transition them to safer, cheaper, more convenient frozen rodents.

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