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File: evil dog.jpg (497 KB, 916x1600)
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497 KB JPG
What kind of dog is in this picture?
pug maybe?
looks kinda like pictures I've seen of the older version of pugs
that's definitely a canis fagotis doppelgneigeria
> mfw I picked that pic because it looks stupid but actually it does look like OP's dog
OP's dog actually is a double nigger faggot, waddyaknow!
File: Maria Anna of Bavaria.jpg (425 KB, 1027x1590)
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>Ferdinand II of Habsburg, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Hungary and Bohemia with his court midget
>Joseph Heintz the Elder
This picture was once on the wiki entry for chiuaua (as a source in a discussion, I think) and then removed, saying it'd be unlikely there would have been a New World dog (in Austria) at that time.
Could it be the midget's dog?

>pic related
Is Ferd 2 the emperor's first-cousin and first wife, done by the same artist in the same year - different dog!

p.s. has /an/ had threads before where we look up dogs in art and history and figure out, or find out, the breeds?
For example, Marie Antoinette has a pug named Mops.
*had (obviously)

here's a pic of mops
it's a detail from a portrait of a young Marie Antoinette and her dog by Goya
>no dog, no life.
File: dicke_moepse.jpg (500 KB, 1000x575)
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500 KB JPG
>>For example, Marie Antoinette has a pug named Mops.
>>here's a pic of mops
>it's a detail from a portrait of a young Marie Antoinette and her dog by Goya

That's a picture of a Spanish noblewoman, not Marie Antoinette: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fde.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FBildnis_der_Marquesa_de_Pontejos

And 'Mops' is the German name for the breed, not a single pug.
I stand corrected. Thank you, anon.

I didn't carefully check my sources and knew that Marie Antoinette had a pug before I found a picture. I assumed it was her in the painting because young lady is dressed like her, saw the name Maria Ana and went with it. (I fell asleep more than once while writing up that post.)

says this in the English wiki version (it's mentioned in your translated version, too.
>In the famous painting by Goya, painted shortly after the wedding, the marchioness is shown dressed in an attire inspired by Queen Marie Antoinette of France. Marie Antoinette was known to like to dress as a shepherdess. The elaborate coiffure, straw sun hat, and flower-trimmed gown imitate the attire at the French court in Versailles.

I had no idea Mops was the German name for the breed! Thanks, again.

by the way, this was the site where I got the idea about the name. Shame they have it wrong, because otherwise it's good info about the fancy kennel and pet furniture:

the pug was mistakenly called "Mops" in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette movie, as well.

This site names her pug "Mops" but also tells an apocryphal tale of a spaniel (papillon?), Thisbe, who was supposedly with her when she was imprisoned.

but this site says the dog with her near the end of her life, and her favorite, was Coco.
it also mentions the papillon Thisbe (Thysbee) and a Leonberger called Odin.

>pic related
another dog of hers, Pompon
info here: http://maria-antonia.forumactif.com/t133p275-chiens-de-marie-antoinette

Please correct any of this new information or share what you know. or post more dog paintings, please.
>everything you said is wrong
kek what a fucking retard
TIL there was this 18th century painter that put his pug called Trump into many of his pictures.


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