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How can I get my dog to play with other dogs? She is VERY high energy, could play with toys for literally hours and hours, and loves to wrestle with me. I'd love to have her play with other dogs to get her energy out, but she just won't do it.

She'll just sit there like an autist and try to play with anything except other dogs. And if you try to throw a ball or toy, she'll start running towards it but peel off when she realizes another dog is running at it too. I've only had her for a couple months but we've tried to socialize her and have introduced her to at least 10 other dogs between parks + friends' dogs. She'll tolerate them fine, no aggression or behavior problems. Just won't play.

Can I teach her not to be such an autist?
What type of dog is she? She looks just like my dog before she passed away.
my dog is the same, she just likes humans more as a playbuddy. i can play with her on a field where many dogs go around and every time another dog comes running to her she just freezes and waits till he leave. she "likes" to play with young dogs but only for like 1 minute and then she is uninterrested again.
I believe if you will continue to socialize her someday you will break this ice she's in right now towards other dogs.
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how old is she? if you keep at it, she'll learn to play with other dogs. just go slow and keep track of who you play with lest you put her together with some unadjusted dogs who could scar/scare her further.
damn that is one cute dog, what breed? gsp?
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>I've only had her for a couple months
>introduced her to at least 10 other dogs
keep socializing her. lots of dogs are very picky about who they'll play with.

And some dogs just aren’t dog-park dogs. I’ve seen plenty of dog/people pairs that enter the dog park to only do laps or play one-on-one and their dogs are happy.

It’s not a big deal if your dog doesn’t wanna play with the other dogs, only if “indifference” turns to hostility, which it doesn’t sound like is what’s happening.
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