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>got new puppy as pet
>been trying to train puppy to pee on pee pads as we live in an apartment
>a while ago my puppy peed on pad two minutes right after peeing there
>i got impatient and started sighing loudly
>puppy got off pad and peed on bed
>now puppy never pees on pee pad
What should I do?
Pic not really related
1. Puppies can't control their bladder or shitter very well. As they get older (6 months+ depending on breed) they develop this ability. You can't force this. They will pee and shit inside. You can help steer them outside when they start to feel the need using positive reinforcement (meaning: praise when he takes the shit where he's supposed to) but they operate with very narrow margins and often forget themselves.
2. They don't actually want to do this. Dogs have a very strong instinct to NOT pee or shit in places that they consider to be their living or feeding areas.
3. If your dog pees and shits in places he's not supposed to and you think it's possible he did it because he thinks it's ok to go there which he might because he may not consider it his living space, put some food in that spot (after cleaning it of course) and/or play with him a bit there. It'll cause a strong aversion to shit or pee there for him.

tl;dr unless your pupper has brain damage he wont pee inside. But thats only aslong as he can control his bladder, which he can't do for shit until he's older. Just take them outside a lot, which you need to do anyway if you keep a dog in an apartment.

Also, you could've googled all of this.
You don't plan on it solely using them even as an adult right?
People complain about litterboxes being gross but that shit is nasty and way more expensive.

Puppies are puppies. They're babies. They have to piss more than you do. Don't let puppies on a bed until they pissed on the pad already. Even if it already did, it's a puppy so expect for it to have to piss again during the night. If you at least even hope it will learn to hold it, praise it when it does outside.
>train puppy to piss inside the house
why do people do this?

also why do retards get puppies when they cant properly take care of them?
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>buying a dog when you dont have a backyard for it to run in
take him for walks outside instead of training him to piss in your apartment. he needs the exercise and mental stimulation a walk gives him too.

why would you get upset that he peed where you were training him to pee?
>pee pad

first mistake. should have trained it to start doing it in the shower because that's a good option for when it's grown too. pee pads are difficult to figure out for puppies too while the shower itself is a sort of remote and distinct place (dogs do not usually shit where they live/sleep). the pad is very difficult for a puppy to figure out as something special among all the other shit like rugs etc. in your house. take your puppy to the shower every hour and if it pisses reward it heavily with a short bout of tug, a treat, a few pats or whatever else your dog likes the most. if you do not want the dog to go inside the house, go outside every hour and reward after it does it's job.
>dog pee in the shower
thats fucking nasty, why would i want dog pee where i shit?

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