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One of my hens who's currently moulting has gotten pretty skinny. I'm pretty certain none of my birds have worms, since everyone else is still nice and fat and I've never seen anything abnormal in their shit. I know growing new feathers takes a lot from their bodies, what do you suppose could be behind her getting this thin? Hardly any muscle on either side of her keel, I have no idea what's going on. Everyone else is still perfectly normal. Of course this has to happen at the start of winter too, when it gets dangerously cold. Fuck. I'll be giving them more table scraps to try to get her to fatten up some, but it's not looking good.
- How old is she?
- Does her poop look normal?
- Is the area around her vent (butthole) relatively clean?
- How's her face and/or comb complexion, more pale than usual or fine?
- Is there discharge in her eyes or nostrils?
She's about four years old, her poop looks normal and the area around her vent is clean. There's no discharge around her eyes or nostrils. Her comb is a bit more pale than usual though, what does that indicate?
Still there, anon?

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