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/an/ - Animals & Nature

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File: val.png (28 KB, 664x540)
28 KB
I'll use this thread to post one shitty drawing per day the whole month of December so keep it alive please, the other one died. This is Veronica, the cockatiel.
It's December fifth
You're behind
Yep. Hurry up and submit four more shitty drawings, OP.
Ok I am interested
Inb4 furry porn
Are you the one who made a thread rating your own cartoon characters? If so keep doing it, I like you
Do you have any pitbull characters?
File: karate owl.png (17 KB, 512x490)
17 KB
Sorry for the long wait guys, i'm unable to post from my phone since the captcha doesn't load, and i usually turn my computer off once i post here (i have more things to do). Here's today's shitty drawing: Gabriele, the owl.

I know, i made a thread before, but it died. I can post the drawings i made before tho.

Nah, no porn. I'm a Christian.

No pitbull yet, but i do have a poodle, a shihtzu, a maltese, a schnauzer, a beagle, and a lizard that's based on a lizard species only found in that world, which act like dogs (Yes, normal animals and the anthropomorphic ones are different species. The regular animals are exactly like the ones we have on Earth and a few fictional ones like the dog-lizard for example, and the anthropomorphic ones are Animale sapiens and are only one species with many different races). I'm not doing the dogs in this thing tho since i already have a list that i'm not changing, but i can post them here futurely. I drew the lizard so i guess that counts as a dog.

Yep. I stopped doing the ratings here since you guys might find it cringy and i don't want to offend anybody, but if you guys like them, i can do them tomorrow and so on.
File: moo.png (19 KB, 564x568)
19 KB
Robert, the bull
File: faria.png (24 KB, 604x656)
24 KB
Nathalia, the stork
File: anabe.png (25 KB, 644x574)
25 KB
Ana Beatriz, the lizard
File: tetéia.png (18 KB, 618x562)
18 KB
Tetéia, the cormorant

This is the last one i'm posting today, so i'll answer your replies tomorrow!
>no porn. I'm a Christian
>because being christian means anything.
That’s leaps and bounds better than those other two morally corrupt sand religions.
What is Gabrielle, The Owl's black belt in?
Posting in a cool thread
Can i request a puffin for an upcoming day?
rly good thread OP tysm
Furfags off my /an/.
This is my favorite one
File: cluck cluck.png (41 KB, 808x622)
41 KB
This is William, the rooster. He's the middle brother between Gabriele and Veronica. He's kind of a mix of Grinch, Squidward, and Gordon Ramsay, but as an ornithologist and paleontologist. He's not a villain tho and there's no true villain actually.

I mean, everybody has their sins, yeah, we're humans, after all. But i really don't like porn, much less furry one.

Jiu jitsu and karate

Sure, i just won't be doing itt because i already have a list of the characters i'll draw each day, but i can do it after i finish this.

I'm not a furry, bro

Actually she's the main character haha

No problem man

Thanks you guys so much for the support! I think you all will like tomorrow's character.
This is good /an/ Advent calendar so cute.
File: eagle.png (41 KB, 760x626)
41 KB
Thaísa, the eagle. Eagle. Eagle.

Thank you man

See you guys Sunday!
So are there both anthropomorphic and normal animals in this world?
Natália, the hummingbird. I know the name is very similar to >>2887983, but the joke is that Nathalia is all motherly (even though she's single and very young) and caring, while Natália is kinda rude. I also have nothing against Arabs, Hindis, or any of the Old World brownish people (and nothing against any other ethnicity, really), i just thought a hummingbird would be cool as one.

Yeah, it's kind of like a Disney situation. Like, we have Pluto who's just a regular dog (Canis lupus familiaris), and Goofy who's a dog man funny animal (non-Canis lupus familiaris). I don't know if the anthropomorphic Disney animals are all the same species (they might be since Goofy had a son with Clarabelle, but i dunno), but these are one whole species with different races/breeds, Animale sapiens, which is a play on Homo sapiens.
File: diving.png (17 KB, 544x518)
17 KB
Julia, the hesperornis
Interesting choice of creature. Keep going OP
What is s/he holding?
Chaplin, the hornbill. Don't hate on him pls.

Tanks moit, the hesperornis is my favorite extinct dino

Ricinus and a slingshot. It's a common game amongst Brazilian children (specially the ones from rural areas) to throw the ricinus fruit at other people. The banner reads "Pão de queijo" (cheese bread), a kind of bread from the state of Minas Gerais, where she comes from. The drawing itself is a reference to that American eagle symbol holding a plant and some arrows with its feet.

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