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Ok guys heres the issue plain and simple...my ass is way to tight, like it's inhibiting my daily life I have to struggle to let out the most measly amount of gas and I get constipated all the fucking time. I have struggled with this issue for a long time wtf do I do. Is there any solution without having to penetrate myself not because I'm afraid of that it just seems like that an awfully intrusive less permanent solution to this long lasting problem

This is really strange. How long have you had this issue? All your life or recently (recently can mean the past 3 yrs)?
Constipation is one of the signs of hypothyroidism or signal of another autoimmune disorder
Honestly I haven't thought about it that much until recently, but it has definitely been happening somewhere on the scale of 1-3 years at least maybe more
Get some laxatives ffs. There’s a million things that can cause constipation. Probably some kind of digestive disorder. Ask your doctor for laxatives. They can perscribe you some good shit.
Oh and i'm also only 18 so if it has been happening for a few years you will have to consider that that means it has been happening during some of my developmental years maybe the reason I didn't really notice it because I was young and thought it was normal
Yeah thats what I was thinking I might do but can constipation really last for years on end?
Like i'd say constipated shit are the norm for me aposed to just normal ones
How much water do you drink per day?
Yes it can. But it’s almost certainly caused by some ongoing condition. It’s a common symptom for other bigger issues. Get it sorted out.
Since you are young and developing, definitely get checked out by a doctor before more symptoms appear. Prevention is the best medicine.

Also do not take laxatives, especially regularly. They are not meant for long term use. They can actually prevent you from having a bowel movement permanently.
Talk to a doctor. I've got a relative who needed to go under the knife to fix this and waited until it was a serious problem. They can, with modern medicine, safely loosen your hole OP.

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