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>inb4 seeking psychological advice on some shitty imageboard
how do i stop my subconsciousness from controlling my actions?
An example would be great.

Call it "unconscious", for starters. Secondly, most therapies are about making conscious what was hitherto unconscious. In other words, become aware of what you do and why you do it. Most people would be surprised to find out they aren't that aware of what they do, and even less of why they do it.

An example from you will go a long, long way.
There's no proof that the brain functions on two layers, ie the conscious and "unconscious" (of subconscious).
You're probably trying to ask
>how do I increase my willpower
>There's no proof that the brain functions on two layers,
That's the dumbest statement ever made. You can easily experiment it yourself: focus all your attention on your right big toe. Everything you aren't aware of as your attention is on your right big toe is now part of the unconscious. All the memories you aren't conscious of right now is also there. Attention, consciousness, is like shining a flashlight against a giant painting: you can't light it up all at once, you can't remember all your memories all at once, you can't even feel your entire body all at once. Your attention is focused.

Degrees of sentience varies amongst animals, some are not at all sentient.

Don't speak of things you haven't studied for a second.

As to willpower, it's mostly a myth and the worst way to go about anything. Insecure people who "try hard" end up being artificial faggots who are all about surfaces and don't understand anything.

Motivation comes from having fun, so find the fun in what you want to do, otherwise you will never make it. People who work out a lot actually enjoy it. If you try to make it hard because you think that's what being tough means, then you will inevitably give up.

Even people who think they owe their efforts to some iron will are people who enjoy what they do, but prefer to sound tough by bragging about their will. Don't be fooled.
>not asleep
>no proof
OK, champ. You must think the brain doesn't do shit when you're asleep. What a moron.
The terms you're looking for are autonomic and somatic.
The idea of there being an "unconscious" brain was suggested by Freud who founded psychoanalysis, a field that is regarded as a pseudo-science by any credible scientist.
This doesn't mean that aren't things being done that aren't done consciously, that much is obvious, but there being a part of your brain that rules your decision making without you being aware of it is an idea with no scientific proof.
Psychology isn't a science. It fails repeatedly in experimentation, it has no fixed language and terminology, it has zero predictability and the same for reproducibility.
It is the very definition of a pseudo-science and it's harmful because it drapes itself in academic language to give the illusion of scientific authority, drawing judgements and "treatments" based on air.
Thanks anons.
Breaking nofap for no reason. I have to not think of anything for a minute and I fire up incognito mode. Recurring images in my head. Skipping meals when I'm trying to gain mass. Instead of just going to bed at 10 for full testosterone, putting on a tv series and falling asleep on the couch and waking up 3 in the morning. Distracting myself with escapism.

I know the underlying reasons, mainly parental abandonment (my parents divorced when I was like 6). I am at peace with that, but years of rejection and following self-induced isolation and weakness shaped my brain in its plasticity.

>how do I increase my willpower
Yes, effectively. But I do believe in consciouss and sub-/unconsciouss mind. I found myself agreeing with most if not all of Mark Passios "teachings". For reference youtube.com/watch?v=wsx8oIOEFFw (sorry for shitty linking)

I do take care of myself. It's the causal factor of my future self, what I want to be. But I feel right now it is not enough, I catch myself relapsing more often (still, much less than years before). I want this to end. I want to be free from wrong action. ramble ramble

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