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I'm 27 and have no friends and don't know how to make them. Everyone I try to be friends with never accepts me. Some turn out to be toxic poison. Every one of my gf's friends are super cool and chill and friendly but that never feels like "my" circle. I don't think I've ever felt at home like that.

I think I'm out of ideas for what to try next. And I'm out of hope that things will be any different.
I do relate to you OP, I have friends, however none of them seem to be supportive or positive, all of them seem to view one negative aspect of me and criticize up and down about it for months. None of them accept me at all and they just don't seem like friends in the basic concept of it, but sadly they are the only ones I have in my life and if I got rid of them, I'd have no one.
>view one negative aspect of me and criticize up and down about it for months
If they say that up straight to your face then they're good friends. You wouldn't want a snake talking shit behind your back.
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They've done it in my face and behind my back to their other friends before many times.

They've told shit I've improved upon from the past to strangers (that i really wanted to move on from) and some have ostracized me for lies they've told others.
>I'm 27 and have no friends
>don't know how to make them
>Some turn out to be toxic poison

Sounds damn close to projection.
Do some drugs, or get drunk.
>has gf
>interacts with people

Your misery is all in your head. There are NEETs on this board who've acquired stasis and reached peak nirvana. No friends & no gfs needed.

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