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The lack of sex is destroying my mind, but I don't want to put in the effort necessary to land a girl, nor do I want to fuck some hooker.

How can I cope with the lack of sex without doing any of those?
You don't. You man up and do what it takes to find a woman.
Masturbate and drink
get a blow up doll
I already said that's not an option.

I already do those.

Nah, if I'm going to masturbate, I'm going to do it without spending money on it.
>doesn't want to put in the effort to at least get a casual partner or one night stand
>doesn't want hooker
>won't even waste money on even a sex toy

I'm going to guess no matter what advice you'll be given in this thread, you'll never accept it. Most humans crave and want sex, it's normal. Not much you can do other than suffer if you don't want to do anything to fix your issue
>no matter what advice you'll be given in this thread, you'll never accept it
Wrong guess.
Fine, here's what you do: become a monk. Take an oath of celibacy and join the church.
But how would that help?, especially considering I have no religious inclinations.
Dedicating yourself to a higher power in a way that declares you wish no need of those thoughts will, with time, help your mind heal out of them. But all you're doing right now is proving >>21004434
Are you a virgin?
Dedicating yourself to something is one thing; dedicating yourself to following some dumbass religion is another.

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