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My balls itch like fucking mad. Been using jock itch cream for a while, but saw a doctor and she said that's what it was. Been using cream AND spray for a while trying to cure it, but no luck. I don't have any signs of a rash except when I really scratch. I have a dermatologist appointment on Friday, but any idea what it is? No sign of a rash or anything.

Concerned because I recently started hooking up with this girl and told her im clean other than I should use this jock itch cream for another week. So if I gave her something then im going to catch a lot of hell. But I just had an std check and all that, so I don't know what the hell else it could be
Whenever my balls start to itch and a rash develops, I use Canesten cream - fucking amazing, the rash is gone within a week or two. May get rid of your itchiness.
Use the powder. Worked for me after a few days.
I've never had it. Is it just a bacteria that forms in the nooks and crannies when you don't wash your dick properly?
Find one of those menthol powder if they are in your area. They work because it keeps your valls from sticking to you body or your scrotum to overlap and stick in folds. Cream makes it sticky and it sucks. Don't use cream unless you have a fucking ringworm. Besides, menthol part of the powder makes the itch feel cool and once you do that you will forget the itch and fuck a lamp like a hungry chad.

Again, Menthol Powder
-keeps from valls sticking
-itch feels cold instead of... itch
Use dandruff shampoo.
Bleach balls with hydrogen peroxide.
Maybe take a cycle of that pill for worms.
Wash sheets on the reg
Consider changing underwear twice a day.
Clean your room.
Like shampoo the carpets
Scrub the walls.

If it's fungus on your balls consider all the surface areas your balls touch.

Zinc seems to do a lot of amazing and deadly things in high doses.
Ok I went, bought some new underwear to change into at work and some gold bond menthol powder and did that.

Hoping for the best (especially since I didn't wash these yet). Now I gotta just hope that I didn't spread anything tothis girl since we didn't use a condom last night
stop taking so many opiates you retard
But I don't do drugs
What are the odds this is an STD?
if you got tested and you turned up clean then it isn't an STD. Follow anon's advice on the powder and then if it hasn't fixed it in a couple weeks talk to your doctor again.

Make sure you're keeping things clean but don't overclean yourself and make your skin tender.
Makes me feel better at least hooking up with someone. Well I see a derm on Friday so I'll go from there
pretty sure jock itch is a fungal infection. make sure you're using a FUNGAL cream. if that doesn't work, soak a rag in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the area for 20 mins. that stuff is the only thing that made my fungal infection go away

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