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the girl ive been dating for over a year left me 2 weeks ago because i'm an alcoholic and started drinking again. i was 10 months sober with her and we had rly good times but since around january i've been saucing it pretty hard. we were living together and one sunday she and her family took everything out and left me here. i've since stopped drinking/drugging to let my mind settle and to give her some space. recent attempts at contacting her have had no response. i'm not rdy to move on because she did at one point love and care for me dearly....i really fucked up by losing her.i'm 27
Hi, is this what help is when people ask me if I need any help?
great job getting off the wagon again. stay off anon, you know that's the right thing to do.

i dont have any advice on the girl besides wait a month and try again. its possible you lost her forever, relapsing for 5 months is a long time, enough to put someone off. but it's possible you have a chance. take a month to focus on you, get your life in order again. after the month, you'll be more ready to move on.
I'm going to give it more time and try to reach out again in the future. She sees my Facebook messages but doesn't respond to them. I don't get overly dramatic in them I keep them short. She's the outdoors type and we used to have nice walks on the beaches and through the woods but I just was getting to drunk to go with her lately....I started a new job and tht set my drinking back in motion. I couldn't hear her through my drunk demonized self. Her new best friend has replaced me on her walks. Time heals all wounds for both of us. Either way I'll never drink and drug again.
You're going to have to kick the habit before you have a chance again, sorry bud. By then I feel like both of you will be over it though.
Over each other you mean? Ya probably. I took the whole ambush move out as a intervention/wake up. I rly have no intention to drink ever again. I just wish I could have another shot.
Personally, I feel like spending time with an alcoholic/addict is closer to babysitting than love, and it's kinda just insufferable to spend time around.

I'd say it's time to move on, since she gave you a second chance and waited 4 months, hoping you'd stop. Then you didn't and her family stepped in.

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