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Been sort of seeing a girl now but she has a boyfriend. She has a kid (not with the BF) and I do of the same age. They get on and enjoy playing. I enjoy being around her and I find her really attractive. She talks about leaving this guy but hasn't pulled the trigger. I see her and hear from her when it's suitable for her and I'm starting to not like that feeling.

Do I just cut her loose until she drops him or anyone got any other ideas?
Tell her what you feel because she could never know for certain you feel this way
just say look, we've been seeing each other for a while now and you've got to end it with this guy if you want things to continue progressing. i really like you want things to keep going. end it with him or we'll need to stop.
If she isn't loyal to that guy, what makes you think she'll stay loyal to you?
I tell her what I feel. She will at times engage in that conversation and will at times try to move on from it. She completely knows how I feel though.

I did say this. Maybe I need to see it through though. We had this conversation on Monday this week and I went all Tuesday without contacting her. At 6pm on Tuesday she messages me to tell me that she's sad that she hasn't spoken to me, so naturally the conversation picks up again.

I don't care about that right now. I am generally very trusting of people. I'm also an adult - mid 30's - and I know that life isn't as simple as just getting up and walking out. Everyone is capable of being unfaithful, I make a rule of not doing it but I have got it wrong and been unfaithful. I don't think that's the perspective to go in to the situation with.

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