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life advice guys: you need to do things and accept that rejection is going to happen. don't be afraid.
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You can be suddenly rejected even while in a relationship, right? Yea, only problem is coming to terms when you've given everything you've got from money, time, and emotion only to have all that considered with little significance. I never knew bad investments applied for people too
relationships differ, i recently broke up with someone myself, its been hard im not gonna lie and it takes time, but sooner or later you have to get yourself out there and think fuck it, i've been rejected before, things haven't worked out as they should have, and you know what, i'm probably going to get rejected again and things aren't going to fucking work out the way i want it to - but i'm going to do my best knowing that at least i gave everything a shot, and if things aren't going to work out, then that'll be the way it is.

but to accept that it's possible, is also to accept that the opposite is possible as well. and i'll tell you what man, i've gone through grief, yet i've managed to be completely and utterly content as well - and have good things happen when i least expect it to.
Hopefully this advice helps someone. Since I lost over 100lbs of fat and put on 25lbs+ of muscle, and overhauled my wardrobe and grooming routine I've been rejected by over two dozen women consecutively over the last ~3 years. I'm proud of my accomplishments, but now there's no coming back from how ugly I feel inside.

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