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If a girl asks you, really out of nowhere, what you think of her friend ( that you've met before a couple of times ) does that mean that that friend likes you?

*talking about something unrelated*
>Hey what do you think of Anonette?
it can mean a lot of things and if you are intrested in a person you should reveal your feelings. you could clarify the askers intentions and perhaps ask how the friend feels.

but just trying to guess the friends feelings based on the question -- that's impossible. for example, the asker might be asking the question to see if the coast is clear to shit talk her friend.
There are two options and you REALLY need to be able to read between the lines to get the right answer.
Option A
her friend likes you and genuinely wants to know if you like her friend
Option 2
the girl asking is the one who likes you and is asking if you like her friend because she is insecure.
this. a lot of the questions here about "girl did X, does she like me" are resolved by answering the following questions:

1. do you like her?
2. if yes above, does she know you like her?
I would take everything at this point, she's cute
I don't get option B it doesn't make sense
Well, I had a buddy. Right?

Me and him have been best friends since elementary school. The thing is, whenever I would introduce him to a girl I’m either fucking or talking to - he would always tell me when we were alone “She was feeling me, bro. She was on my dick”

Even though I can tell, because they wouldn’t even speak 3 words to him. He would make up a story about how they would stare at him, and flirt with him.

You get the story that I’m telling?
The girl probably likes you. BUT HER FRIEND, is like my friend. If they are both friends - then her friend most likely would know about her feelings for you. And if she is anything like my friend is, the first thing that would come out of her mouth is “Oh he’s totally in to me. He’s always staring and trying to flirt”

Does this kind of make sense?
It explains how she can be insecure
I'm sure that she doesn't like me, she said a few times that I'd be perfect if I was taller, she's literally taller than me by like 7cm
On the other hand the friend is shorter so the girl A may have told her nice things about me and is trying to hook us up

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