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So I've just recently started doing drugs, and even more recently began purchasing my own supply rather than just partaking with friends. My problem is, I don't really know how to treat my dealer. He's a friend of mine from early high school (we're in college now), but we haven't really talked in a while. As such, I almost always have difficulty asking him about stuff. Like, can I ask about future products ("Will you still have/pick up <drug> by this weekend?")? Can I ask him to save me stuff ("Will you put a bit aside for a couple days?")? Can I talk about prices ("I usually pay $40, not $45...")? I'm really just unfamiliar with the whole thing, and I don't want to come across as retarded, over-enthusiastic, or asshole-ish.
Well first things first

Respect ur plug

Don't bring plugs around each other, to them theyre your one and only

Two, dont double text your mans, ask and hell get back to you when he can

Three, keep a steady relationship unless youre in a 12 step. Too long and he may not get back to you.

Plugs arent layaways, they arent gonna sit on product for you. You can however let them know when youll need more and how much, so that way they can reserve or reup their supply before you buy.

Haggling needs to be done with regard to the product amount and quality, and should rarely be done. If its only $5 you should probably stfu, if its overpriced let them know you cant do that rate respectfully and they may counter offer.
preciate it brother
Hey anon, as a dealer that sold everything from weed to cocaine, You just have to be straight up to us regarding what you want, when etc. Never double text, that shit is mad annoying because you're not the only customer we are handling at the current time. Most of the time plugs won't save products for you, I only did that for close friends that bought amounts that was worth it for me to keep for ex: I would hold a half oz of cocaine for someone because I know that he'll pull through.

Prices are firm, if you are the homie and a regular, then you will get hooked up but don't expect a huge hook up.

I always prided myself with quality over quantity because you'll lose customers when the quality of product you are providing is important to how much you can move weekly/monthly.
You got some pretty solid advice already but I'd also recommend not using the phone to talk about drugs and if you have to try to not make it obvious. I know so many people who got busted because they used their phones social media etc. For lot of their deals.
Op here
That’s interesting... I don’t know any dealers who DON’T use social media (mostly Snapchat) to advertise and shit like that, mine inclided. Are you suggesting that I find a new dealer? Or just be careful?
generally it's best to ask all your questions in person. Most drug dealers hate it when you say things like that over the phone because it puts them in danger.
treat him as you would any other business entity
you dont haggle at the gas station, dont try to haggle with him. unless you are trying to buy in bulk. asking for something to be held is ok as long as you follow through on it. if you do this and even once dont follow through, dont bother asking again. inquiring about future stock is ok, just not on the phone. and for fucks sake, do not blow up his phone. call once, text once. again, this is a business, he wants your money. if he doesnt respond, he is either out of stock or indisposed

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