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Chronic masturbator here. 23, male. How do I stop jerking off? Not a joke. Thanks.
Just stop. There isn’t any trick except will power. Stop going to websites that make you horny (leave 4chan- at least for a couple weeks till you have some sorta of streak and resistance built up). Don’t go on reddit if you find yourself fapping to girls there.
Also get laid
Do you use porn? I'm assuming that you do.

The problem with psychological addiction is that the addiction exploits the weak points of our psyches to make us cave, if you're anything like myself you certainly have experience with
>I'll quit jerking tomorrow, today I'll go out with a bang. There's nothing special about quitting today anyways, tomorrow is just as good of a day as today
>I just jerked off yesterday, and I'm still feeling the effects of it, I might as well keep jerking off until the motivation hits again to quit again, trying to quit right now will be an uphill battle
>I'm drunk right now, and the urges are hitting hard. I'm not going to be able to fight them off in this compromised state, I might as well surrender for now
>I've made it to a week and I actually feel really good, I think I can jerk off once now, as a reward for all of my hard work. I'll be sure not to fall into my old habits
I personally have dealt with ALL of the above. Secret: they're ALL bullshit.

What I personally found more helpful than anything else was mindfulness meditation. I feel like the basic premise, that you are *not* your thoughts but only the witness of your thoughts, is immensely helpful in dealing with an addiction. By putting this distance between yourself and the thoughts and desires that arise, I was really surprised with how transient those desires ended up being if I didn't identify with them and prop them up artificially. I have been trying to quit porn and masturbation for 5 years now, and in starting this practice, I have made it to two months, something I literally have never done in the last decade of my life.

Waking up and 10% happier are good apps to teach this, although unfortunately they both have a subscription based model. Idk if you can find a decent free course on YouTube or otherwise pirate an app or something.

Good luck!
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Realising that it's just your brain craving dopamine helps, do some exercises or eat an apple whenever you feel like masturbating. Ideally you jerk off once a week, to your imagination. You can start by jerking off once ever 2 days, then once every 3 days and so on. Whenever you jerk off do it to your imagination. I believe in you
You need to frequent /pol. Redpill yourself on the jew and their agenda of pure degeneracy to strip us of our values
Ps. Jerking off isn't what's causing you psychological damage, it's the porn. Learn to fantasize in your own mind
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n0c7U0ICu08 (or literally any other youtube video on nofap)

Pick your poison, /fit/ no longer has /nofap/ as a general anymore.

The longer you go the easier it gets. The only “trick” is to convince yourself that the satisfaction of not doing it feels a lot better than the brief release of doing it, which isn’t a trick because for those with an addiction to it it’s the truth.

At the end of the day you just have to gather the willpower to not do it for one full day. Then keep telling yourself that tomorrow is the last day you have to go without it, and when tomorrow comes say the same thing about the next day, etc. If you start the get legitimate withdrawals you can always relapse without technically breaking your promise to yourself, but the crazy thing is you’ll find pretty quickly that you don’t want to anymore. It’s just like running laps around a track or quitting smoking - focus on the next lap, the next day, the next time you pass a display of cigs in the store, or whatever it is, and eventually you’ll control your urge to give up.

To aid your journey you should avoid any source of porn, just like a recovering alcoholic would stay away from bars until they know they’ve conquered the bottle. Disable your internet at night if it gets bad enough. Although you might want to stay away from Reddit in general, there are some helpful subs for this - a lot of people on r/nofap are idiots but some of what they have to say could help you a lot.

Distract yourself with more fulfilling activities. Spend more time outdoors and find people to talk to. Try to get into a relationship; it has the dual benefit of giving you something more emotionally rewarding than a wank to occupy your time with and a potential avenue for your sexual energy other than running one out if you get that far.

Stay strong anon. Not everybody suffers this addiction but it’s definitely a tough one to beat. I beating off for a year once to see if I could, and trust me when I tell you that 90% of the work is that first month. After that you’re free.

Some good advice here.Thanks, folks. Wish me luck.

-Make a list of the things that trigger your desire, such as your computer or any porn that you have around the house

-Get rid of whatever stuff that triggers you that you can. You probably can't justify throwing the computer away, but you can get rid of DVDs, mags, stored files EtC.

-W/ regards to the computer, you can install software made to block access to pornographic websites if you want to.

-Develop a plan of acceptable alternative or substitute behaviours that you can engage in when you notice that you are starting to crave. Let your partner know that you have needs if that is an option. Or go out for a jog or have a proverbial cold shower
Download all the different kinds of porn you want (except illegal), fap to it freely without remorse, delete it all. Profit
Get a full time job and if you must jack off do it before bed because that shit makes me tired. I’ve cut down to twice a week never been in more control.
get a girlfriend with a high libido. i would never fap if i could fugg everyday.
Eat less. Fasting also helps.

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