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It seems like I'm becoming more and more misanthropic by the day, and I absolutely hate it. I do not want this. How do I stop this?
>How do I stop this?
Be older than 18
Get off 4chan to start. Better yet you should abandon the internet altogether.
I'm not trying to be edgy, as I know people can be good. I look for the good in people, and believe people can be good. It just seems harder to find.
Probably a good idea, but I don't have much going on in my life outside of the internet.
sounds like most people on this site
I feel you. I am misanthropic, not by choice. I try to love and find the best in others, and the more I socialize and get close to others, the more disappointed I become... maybe I should embrace my hate for humanity and perhaps it will allow me to free myself of the burden in hating and then I could truly love them as myself
It's ur fault
Be less gullible.

Humans aren't unnatural.
Humanity is performing its function in the same way everything else does.
Good and evil are labels for something that never existed.
You are a part of everything and everything is a part of you.
If you had no oxygen to breathe your ego would not exist.
So if your ego is physically dependent on oxygen, what does that tell us?
I hope it would give you some idea that your ego is made of the same matter as all the rocks and squirrels, and that you aren't separate from anything.
All the things you label are extensions of yourself, and you go with each other.
>Be less gullible.
>Continues to spout some useless 'all is one one is all' 'truths'
Don't worry, you have a function too anon.
You are good and necessary.
Feel free to present an opinion if you'd like to have a discussion.
>Don't worry, you have a function too anon.
Yes, to work and provide for my woman and our children.
>You are good and necessary.
Good in the eyes of some, considered necessary in the eyes of even less.
>Feel free to present an opinion if you'd like to have a discussion.
My opinion is your previous post is useless.
By telling someone their ego/personality is on par with everything around them because of oxygen or 'muh we're all atoms anywayssss bruhh' is dumb as fuck because you're not just atoms.
And you're certainly not part of some god-mind encompassing everything, and even if you were, that doesn't make you valueable.

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