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File: 20190314_010831.jpg (1.49 MB, 1958x2611)
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My initial thought was herpes but I immediately got tested for that along with other stds.
They do not burn or itch and I dont feel them at all
They also do not spread.
Same spot and amount on my inner thigh for 3 months.
Any idea?
Looks like some sort of a bacterial infection
Could be molluscum. Where abouts on your body is this picture shot?
So you got tested for STDs instead of getting those things tested to see what they where? Go ask a doctor ya doorknob.
Inner right thigh, there seems to be a couple in ditch of thigh and pubic area too but like I said it's been months. They just stay there. I also think it looks like molluscum.
She just looked at them and said, " i dont think its herpes , I'll have you go get bloodwork for stds" and then it wasnt STDs and not herpes. Then said I can go to a dermatologist if I want and she doesnt know. Most doctors suck.
How often do you shower?

Change your bedsheets every week so it doesn't spread to your whole body.
Everyday sometimes twice a day.
I dont always wash bedsheets every week tho..
Then go ask a dermatologist.
It's just snoo.
It's Bed Bugs Man

Clean your Sheets and Pillow every 3 months at least
Yes, that's molloscum. Can take up to 18m to go away. Unless you have a vast amount of them, there is no need for HIV testing.

source: doctor
Also your doctor is retarded if she cannot recognise this as molloscum
Yeah some Indian chick.
When I was googling everything I thought it looked like the molluscum pics too. They are feelingless unpoppable zits. They dont bother me at all other than visually displeasing. Idk how long I've had them I just noticed them one morning a few months ago.
Do they stay in ine spot or do they slowly spread?

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