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How do I succeed at not fapping when I still jerk off to pics of celebrities more than actual porn? This shit is everywhere and I'm trying to avoid jerking off so I can get into bed with a real girl instead of fantasizing to the equivalent of the magazine aisle at the store.
Sexual release is a basic need, you public schooled idiot, you can't not do it. You fell for the Puritan memes.
Don't look at it. If you happen to see it move on and don't continue to look at it. No reason you instantly have to grab your dick if you see a super model.
No fap is not just a meme. Some people have a real problem.
If u fap all the time its gnna be hard but if you really dont like how you feel because you do it so often then just stop. It's that easy. Dont think about how you never can again just go one day at a time and after a little while you straight up wont care or be able to say to yourself " well I've gone x days I can do another"

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