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I remember as a kid, where i believed that other Humans are exactly like me. I admired the intelligence and the personality.
Long time since.
It began all since i was 10 years old. I finished the german primary school (1-4 classes) and then they decided to send me to the lower secondary school (5-10/12 classes which bans u from all academic jobs). Then in the 5th grade, somobody started bullying me. In 6th grade, everybody started bullying me. 8 Years of extrem bullying. Nobody (even from other schools) wanted to have anything to do with me. I was alone, hunted by bullies. Every
school break and holidays, i spend my time gaming home and watching people walk through, talking with eatch other. Sometimes i heard small pieces of conversations, created of the look an personality and immaginated conversations with me. All the time. 8 Years hiding from bullies and random people supporting them. Because of that, i had too much time. So i read. I got smart, but there was no future way for me anymore. My parents payed a professional loyer to check this, there was no way for me to register at university (only my communication skills were bad). But i have very good skills in quantum physics and programming (private learning). So, im sitting right now with no future here.

I feel like beeing alone in the universe. All Humans are objects for. Dosnt matter how hard i try. Feels like every human that walking nearby is just a bad developed A.I.. Every step predictable. Every Word. I know that i cant read minds, but i can predict very easy a humans reaction. Feels like im alone in the matrix, surrounded by software.

And now im still sitting and trying to reach life out there, how i though it would be as a kid.
Kid you a busta

You should have hunted the bullies
Dig deep and find another person like yourself they are rare but they do live amongst you male and female.
>Find someone who's selfish, self loathing, has critical flaws but hides them well enough that people think they're a confident leader, but are just a paper tiger.
That would be disastrous.
Listen to Hancock's half hour it will make you smile.
It's okay, anon... i feel this deep inside, too. I have managed to hone my skills at socializing so that I connect better with others, but I know I am nothing like them, and they are just too simple and predictable in their uninspiring nature for me to ever really think I am one of them.

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