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Start in 3 days, what should i expect from an academic and social perspective, never struggled with any schoolwork before and have always had friends so its not that im socially retarded. Ive never cared for a relationship but as im getting closer to something completely new i might as well try that too so how do i go about finding a chubby gf as a 120kg decent looking male
if you're above 115iq then study hard and effectively and get a perfect gpa.
>a chubby gf as a 120kg decent looking male
youre fucked, i was 6'3 and fit in college and graduated a virgin.
Just pack condoms, I thought it would be embarrassing to bring them and still have them at the end of the year and didn't bother... Well it turns out there are more embarrassing things that can happen.
It will be harder than high school but probably not un-doable.If you have trouble in any class, go to the prof early on for extra help. That's what office hours are for.

The competition will be greater. Depending on how elite the school is, the entire student body will be made up of the top half, or top third, or top 10% of high school grads.

Get a proper life balance from the start. Too many run wild with the sudden freedom from parents and then never manage to get back on course. Yes, you're there in part for a social life. But academics have to come first.

Everyone - absolutely everyone - you meet in the first few months will be in the same boat, strangers in a strange land, unsure about themselves and eager to make friends. Be open to new opportunities

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