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What would you do if you suddenly realised one day that you weren't passionate about anything in your life anymore?

This doesn't just refer to your hobbies/job, it also extends to basically all forms of socialising that you'd usually do.
Nothing, i would just try survive and make a son that would.
Bumping for any input at all.
Been there, done that, tried to kms. Turns out I'm passionate about not dying.
Fuck you. I hope you never ever have kids.
I'm with you. I have very few "goals" If you can even call them that.
1) move to Alaska and make enough money to have a big property with a garden, dogs, and guns.
2) same as one but also get a surrogate to have a kid for me and get a live in nanny
3) wait for the Collapse to happen, work my way up the local hierarchies and establish a 6ormal Monarchy
4) same as 3 except instead of creating, raping, pillaging, and destroying all remnants of civilization until I'm killed
5) (most unlikely) get a degree that can land me a job abroad (Europe), make decent money, find a nice girl, and have lots of kids.
I don't necessarily *want* any of these, but they are things that might "be nice" if chance is cruel enough to not kill me
Lol, what did i do to you?

Also OP could you please tell me if you maybe know what does that pic represent, thanks?
Kids are something you have when you’re financially stable and mentally prepared for them. Not as a last resort for something to live for.
That doesn't feel good enough to me, I can *remember* having clear goals I was passionate about when I was younger. It's definitely a thing that happens, and which has happened to me before.

But now it feels like the well has run dry and I have no idea what to do. I just can't get myself to put energy into things I feel half-arsed about.
Why do you always post that pedo pic dude?
I have a IQ 159 i am way above my friends and i am 21

Near the end of high-school I had convinced myself I wanted to be an architect. This faded quickly and so have any other hard goals I've concocted. This just isn't enough reward anywhere for me to want to invest my emotional energy in anything. If it happens, great, but I'm not seeking any end as a motivation. Just isn't worth it
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>study health with a clear goal in mind
>get cancer
>grades suffer so much that I can't follow through with any plans without 3+ years of effort at 23 years old
>try studying something else since it'll take 3 years to get another degree anyway
>6 year relationship crumbles and everything else does too
>the second attempt also fails
>will be 27 this year and have been in the same retail job I've had since I was 16

My best options now are either join the police (I'm in decent shape, have a clear record, and am good in a crisis) or start ground-level at a corporation and see where I can go from there.

But all that fucking effort and I could've just not bothered in the first place?
Yeah, pretty much. I've sworn off low-level wageslaving. If I can't either get a degree or a decent career, I'd rather be homeless and walk around the country until I die than work at a grocery store or restaurant again
A few days of being cold and hungry, and that waitering job doesn't seem so bad anymore.
A few weeks of waitering and you start thinking maybe it's better to be cold and hungry anyway.

I hope you can make things work out for you, Anon.
Thanks, you too.
I'd call my therapist again because it sounds like my depression is crawling back in full force.
Dude, life is all about finding a purpose and sticking to it.

For many, having a fulfilling career, constructing a stable family and giving the gift of life to a few children is enough of a challenge to keep them contempt.
I'm also with you, OP. I'm losing a bit more of my mojo with every passing week, it seems.

As an added "bonus", in another few years, I'll need to be looking for a whole other career. My current run has run it's course and while it's been good to me, there's now no more progress.

The only thing that really keeps me going is just stacking cash and trying to turn it into passive income to live off of. A few years ago this was a simpler matter, but now with the markets as they are, it's tough and riskier. But I've got no choice.

My advice is just to do what I do and save, save, save. Your life may literally depend upon those dollars.
I'm also with you, OP. I keep trying things to find any sense of value, but it never sticks. I really just want to sleep and sit in bed. Part of me wants to date someone, but not really hard enough to try.

I have no answers. My therapist hasn't really been helping. And no, I didn't always feel this way.
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Same shit
Kinda always have been without purpose
I remember when I was 10 I would already wonder about what the fuck was the purpose of life because I was bored out of my mind
At that time reading dragon ball would ease my mind
I sometimes find values in thing but I can never really keep interest in something for more than a few month
Girls do nothing for me, I did try to date a little bit when I was around 20 but never was really passionate
I did fall in love a few time during my teenage years and that seemed to give me a goal
However last one broke me off and made me realize how aimless I have been.
I have a hard time recovering from that, I'm still broken 4 month later

Honestly i'd off myself if I it wasn't for my loving parents and my sisters.
My niece and nephew would surely forget me quick enough but I feel like i'd break my parents and I've already caused them so much pain.
I'm also scared to death of the nothingness that comes after you die.
I guess there is no escaping from that anyway

Last time I was really happy was when I dosed myself off in weed and I'd smoke everyday.
I suspect I'll do just that. Finish my studies, buy a shitty flat, grow some weed, use the pain of work to find solace in watching kinos and smoking weed.

I'm going to see a psychiatrist. I really hope I have some kind of diseases or hormone imbalance so he can cure me but I'm not really confident
OP here, the entire point of this post is that I *did* have that, and it's gone now for whatever reasons; and nothing I'm trying to substitute is working.

It's all well and good to say "find a purpose" but I can't just pick something that sounds admirable on paper and call it a purpose if I don't give two shits about it.
I’ve been there for 5 years. I can tell you from experience that I’d just keep existing pointlessly, and nothing will change until I finally expire, at which point I won’t even be able to experience the ellation of the end of misery, since I’ll be dead.
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>I'm losing a bit more of my mojo with every passing week, it seems
There has to be a way out of this, right? I didn't want this for myself and I'm sure you didn't too.

I saw a psychologist at the start of last year for something similar and that helped, maybe I should go back.
You can help yourself more than /adv/ can here, because you know yourself better.

Losing passion for everything could be many things. For one, it could be a defense mechanism that justifies not trying hard anymore because of some past failures. Perhaps you really wanted something but didn't achieve it and that damaged you a little. In that case, you maybe need a break to recover. You know, eat well, go for walks in nature, read, that kind of stuff.

What I'd keep in mind is that humans are more similar than they are different. Sometimes when you are totally out of ideas on what to do, you should look at what makes others happy and try those things. Most people want to have financial freedom and a family for example, you could try to be on your way to achieve that. Even if you weren't passionate about it, lacking those things will probably make you sad without even knowing it.
We kinda are animals after all. We wanna eat well fuck well, and not be under stress and danger. I'd focus on those if I lost passion, in order not to let this turn into outright depression.
Very good advice that I've already had in the back of my head but it's 1000x more useful hearing it from somebody else.

Thanks anon, you've given me a lot to think about.

You mean like how I've been living as a soulless husk for 10 years? idk anon let me look in the mirror real quick and tell you
I would try something else.
Same I do every day, cope with it the best way I can.
I've been feeling like that for almost 10 years OP.
That's pretty much me, except I have no intention of seeing a therapist.
I've never listened anyone in my life and it's not going to be different now.
Do you have children? What are your hobbies? What keeps you sane and motivated?
I'm single.
Hobbies include coding (learning atm), reading, music, movies and working out mostly.
What keeps me sane, reading philosophy, working out, and most important, knowing there's a chance that I'm wrong about my current outlook at life.
I've been wrong many times in the past, so I could be right now, simply missing a point that could give meaning to all of this.
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Be thank Ful For wat You have You would learn this
if u went to church more OP

work on self improvemnt
Same, I been failing a lot of stuff in my life (school, relationships, getting a job...) I keep failing and failing, and I
l just lost all purpose in life I just can't keep this I want to make a change, I really hope you overcome this OP I really hope you do
OP, I've got the same problem. I just left a vent to one of my friends. She didn't understand at all. I tried again, posted the two key sentences, and asked her to really think about it. She still didn't understand. These are the two sentences. "It's my obligations that keep me going." "Kinda exposes my lack of self, if you know what I mean."

If I had to guess for an answer, it must be a creative outlet or something worth striving for. Something that can't be attained or at least not for a long time.
"There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide. Judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to answering the fundamental question of philosophy."
This is why you're depressed. You would collapse under your own existence if you won the lottery. Take away all of your obligations, the living situation, the money, school, work, etc. You would sit in your house and wonder what to do. Get ready for some soul searching. You're in it for the long haul. Best of luck.
I've already read Camus.
And when did I say I was depressed?
Unless that guy I have no intention in offing myself.

>You would collapse under your own existence if you won the lottery
You could not bee more wrong.
This is called depression, anon.
Get some help. Like, actually. Don't just fuck around about it, look up therapists in your area that

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