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This is my first time posting something here, if I violated any rules here, sorry.

I'm in love with a girl, she likes me as well, but the thing is I don't know what to do next, I don't know how to tell what I really feel.

Send help :^)
Have you fucked her?

Have you kissed her?

Need more context dude
I'm a kissless virgin, can't even get a hug from someone, we've been hanging out for almost 2 years, but we haven't confessed to each other right up until now.

How old are you?

Is she a virgin as well
18, we're both virgins (what kind of question is that lol)

How have you been involved with this chick for 2 years and not even kissed her wtf

Are you sure she doesn't view you as a male friend? If that's the case sorry but you're fucked
-go out to watch a movie or smth and maybe try to hold her hand.If she's still uncomfortable with any sort of body contact then don't rush it.This is all bullshit advise from another kissless virgin.Good job on getting a girlfriend though and good luck
We know each other for almost 4 years, and no, she knows I'm straight, I'm not gay.

What happened inside those 2 stupid years?
Everytime we go outside, I'm having a blast, even sometimes, we just walk around for hours. I just can't say what I really feel, because I'm a coward.

Just kiss her before you waste anymore of each others time

Swill some liquor or something, just do it and face the (good or bad) consequence
I hope I can talk to her, because she blocked me on chat, I just wanna say tell what I really feel and if I ended up rejected, then liqour is the answer.(not all the time)

Thank you.

She blocked you on chat?

Man it's over, better luck with the next one.
Generally, rape is the answer. Always has been, always will be. Bitches have gotten far too uppity and it's coming to bite them in the ass by means of dead frozen eggs.
No, we're not in a relationship, we just like each other (I hope she still likes me rn) and that's all, the problem is what will happen next, we can be in a relationship but what's the difference?
>reddit spacing
>no details about the situation
>le long time lurker, first time poster
shit bait>>
No, I'm not a lurker in this website.
I just suck at explaining things (this is probably one of the reasons she hates me)
I use Reddit, but not too much.
I don't know either of you so I can't say anything but NO LIQUOR when shit happens! That's how people become alcohol dependent or drunks!
Hey, I won't depend on alcoholism just because of this stuff occured in my life lol, I just wanna try new things in life. (Thank you for the concern tho.)

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