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>Be me, 18
>Be socially inept retard virgin for my whole life
>Finally lose my v-card a few weeks ago to some roastie on tinder
>No emotional connection whatsoever, just a real good time
>Still socially inept retard
>Keep using tinder to try to replicate the experience
>ffw a few weeks
>Match with qt girl on tinder
>Start talking
>She asks to meet up
>Never had a serious emotional connection to a woman before
>We go out on a date and have a great time
>At one point accidentally lets slip that she loves me
>After that night we continue to talk, text, and snapchat almost constantly
>ffw to yesterday
>Talk almost all day like usual
>Says she has class and will talk to me later
>Watching YTP with friends when she suddenly messaged that she just got out of a serious relationship and isn't ready to start a new one yet
>Tells me she still really likes me and that she will let me know when she's ready in a few months or so

I really like her. Wut do, 4chan?
>basing your life unironically on the women in it
>telling /adv/ you're gonna an hero

Buddy you'll be here tomorrow, finishing nothing of your life's works and making more excuses for not taking control of your lot. Same as yesterday, same as the day after tomorrow-- going nowhere, doing nothing and desperately praying for "some way out."
If she really liked you she'd be able to start a new relationship whenever let's face it.

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