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I been working at my job 4 years now, moved up to Scientist position making roughly 73k due to overtime. The problem is now there's so much fucking overtime and I barely have time to myself. we get three days off and 4 work days that are 10hr shifts. But the issue with that I'm doing like 12 hours. I got a job offer at a different pharma company ranging between 75-85k, but shit benefits. Being in this pharma company, I'm completely burnt and want to do bioinformatics or software engineering, and applied to a coding bootcamp part time. I just don't know if I should quit this job, despite being on of the "best" pharmas out there.
You've been working at the same job for 4 years. You can make a lot more money applying to various different places. Don't stay at the same place for too long unless you love it.

Don't just take this job offer immediately without applying to other places. You can get more money for less effort.

Benefits? Like what? Are you so unhealthy due to the stress of your shitty job that you need a doctor frequently?

Change jobs, genius. Your company might even offer you a raise when you tell them you're leaving.
>Benefits? Like what? Are you so unhealthy due to the stress of your shitty job that you need a doctor frequently?
unlimited sick days, the reason I'm paranoid cause I had a life threatening surgery in 2017, and almost died to a bacteria infection in 2018, so health insurance is must. My biggest issue for me at least is that I don't want to do a wet lab anymore. so most job offers are related to cell processing, which is why I moved into the scientist position.
When's the last time you've taken a real vacation?

I don't mean flying to your parents house to visit for christmas. I mean a real vacation, where you relax, drink mojitos, sit on the beach, and do fuck all. For a whole week. 5-7 days.
2 years ago for the eclipse.
I have taken a month recently cause I accumulated a months worth, and then like 4 weeks after due to a medical incident that almost killed me.
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Money wont ever allow you to buy off the lost time.
Honestly, it sounds like you just need to unwind. If you get a new job, my recommendation is to throw 2-4 weeks in between jobs if you can afford it to relax.
I realize that now with my life ending up with dread.
I most definitely will.
WTF dude

8h/40k -> 12h/60k, or with time and a half 12h/70k

Aka 20/h base

73000/(52*4*12) = 29$/h
As long as we actually know math we'll be able to earn more than you. Please remember that I don't like pickles with my burger.

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