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Does the pill problem have a solution?

My girlfriend doesn't wanna take the pill because it makes her mood swings hard. I don't want to use a condom because it honestly kind of kills all the feeling for me.

I know it's so selfish but it's just like, sex with a condom is legit worse than just fapping. So I end up just eating her out because fair is fair then a few strokes and maybe finish myself off later.

I really love her but I feel like this is just a huge issue since sexual compatibility is important for a long lasting relationship
I've been nutting bareback in my girlfriend for seven years. A few back we switched brands of BC because her current one then (Tricyclen I believe) was causing her to basically have The Period From Hell and she'd turn into a shrieking banshee for a day.

We switched and it's been much better since. On neither brand, though, did she have any reduction of libido.

Otherwise no. There's no coming past a sexual incompatibility such as it is.

be celibate you prick
there is no point to a relationship without sex
get snipped, it's better than killing a baby because you you selfishly want your dick to feel better.
Stop being a fab and pump her full of jizz. The risk of impregnation get girls moist af.

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