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Can someone help understand this situation ?

I was talking to my crush by texts we were texting back and forth, she seemed interested in the conversation, a lot of "and you", she'd laugh at my jokes, laugh all the time, lot of smileys and stuff... until she said she started taking hours to answer, I ask why and she said she was skiing during the day.
At this moment it felt pretty clear she was playing the "busy girl" so I told her that we would talk later and that she has fun and I added a heart.

She did not reply. A few days later I try to text her again but no answer.

She's in my class and we haven't talked ever since.
Sorry, I must correct. She didn't say she would start taking hours to answer. She just suddenly did, that's why I asked.
1.) You got ghosted
2.) Don't be clingy. You'll look and sound desperate. Instant interest killer. Get other people to text and talk to.
At this point I'm not even looking at her at all. But it's seriously weird as fuck.
Here's something original you might try. How about speaking to her. You know face to face, real life and using your mouth and ears to have a conversation.
Shouldn't I leave her alone after that though ? We were on holidays so I couldn't talk to her irl.
Welcome to the modern dating scene.
I guess. I'm not used to that, I have no trouble in being honest with people, even harshly.
Just be careful with that. Guys appreciate brutal honesty, girls you're trying to date will think you're an asshole
I'm talking about when I'm not interested in someone.
Honesty is hard because a lot of girls try to be honest with guys and then they get thrown on blast. With girls literally being shot because they rejected guys now, they're in a fucking impossible position for rejection. Either get called a whore cunt and possibly shot, or date someone they don't actually like, is what a lot of rejections come to.

Frankly I try to take it easy on chicks. We don't all need to be the next screenshot on r/niceguys.
You're right. I agree with that. But she kinda know me enough to know that I wouldn't react like this.

Now in class she doesn't seem to acknowledge my very existence and last time I looked at her in the eyes, she seemed angry/embarrassed or ashamed, I don't know.

I'm not feeling particularly embarrassed or anything. It's like I don't really care, I don't understand why I'm feeling indifferent like this.
She might've stopped texting to force you to talk to her irl. Eitherway talking to someone is what any other human being does on a daily basis, so what's so wrong about trying to talk to her? If you're not too self-confident, try to approach as someone that just wants to know her in a non-romantic way. That way you can start the relationship more progressively and she might start texting you again and throwing some hints, just go for it, you got nothing to lose.
>she knows
She really doesn't. Not these days. The never do.

On the other hand Anonymous is right, move on and quit. You'll never read her mind and that's where all the answers are.
Yes, I agree.
Who knows. If it is the case, I will talk to her whenever it is possible to occur naturally. I don't think I should force this at this point, I'm afraid I'll look like I'm harassing her something.

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