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> be new kid in elementary school
> one girl starts calling me fish (apparently I used to make a fish face a lot)
> got me to open up and made some friends
> see her again in when I'm in middle school in the ymca swimming pool
> we always talk and make each other laugh
> start to develop crush for her
> mom yells at her for "being a bad influence on me" and tells her to never talk to me again
> get so embarrassed I stop going to the ymca and stop seeing her until high school
> build up the courage to talk to her and actually make her laugh
> forgot to ask her for number
> no classes with her and the only time I see her is after gym when I'm smelly and sweaty so avoid talking
> saw her holding hands with some guy while walking through the hallway

She's the only girl I've ever been seriously interested in, what am I supposed to do now anons?
It sucks you kinda missed your shot it appears and maybe you'll get another chance in the future but if you sit for to long people eventually move on and you eventually run out of time. Expand your horizons and open your mind to new ideas and new people. You may be surprised.
Thanks anon, any tips on making new friends or dating in general? I've been having a lot dreams about her recently and would like to get her out of my brain.

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